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Would you be so kind to suppport me on my patreon? I accept requests and commissions: https://www.patreon.com/VHSCLOP

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Comment posted by V-H-SClop deleted Jun 3rd, 2022

Commissioner disappeared or schedule got busy? Perhaps we could collab to wrap it up.

The fic is from me. The part 3 is not long to finish and I have fun writing this, seriously, there are so many ideas and routes that I can take and create something decent but it is a lot of work for me and my time is not enough, since I don't I have an editor or translator.

My language is Spanish and converting it to English is extremely complicated. Let's add to that that I'm not very good at this, honestly I'm more into reading than writing, my respects to the professionals.

I'm thinking of selling or giving this fic away to whoever is interested and continue after part 3 once published... after that who knows, maybe it will continue, maybe not.

But if you're interested, send me a msg and we'll talk.

Sure; I can read/write/translate spanish to english

Curious, who's the artist that did the cover art here?

I don't want to sound annoying... but, when will we have the next chapter? Or will we go back to having an indefinite hiatus?

Comment posted by V-H-SClop deleted Aug 17th, 2022

I'm sorry, I know that many want the next chapter but because of things in my life and a block, because my editor suggested some very interesting ideas but I need a little more time to implement them well.

Luckily chapter 4 is halfway done, so in a week or two I'll have it ready.

Thanks for your comment.

Existe la religión, la religión cristiana en Equestria?

I am amused that Valak's length is measured in inches and his height measured in meters haha.

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