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*whenever I see a new futa chrysalis clopfic*


Nope sorry I tried but the non con and mind break made me feel sick to my stomach

Please write a sequel.

Is it bad that I immediately recognized what the cover image was cropped from?

Poor Celestia... She is so overwhelmed and brainwashed with sexual pleasure she doesn't even know what she is doing now. Or to be precise, what she is used for. Nice idea on Chrysalis' addictive wetness.

Mmm, very nice. It reads a bit more like BDSM than mind break and non con however.

*looks at authors previous works*

Oh yeah that makes sense.


You just have good taste! :rainbowlaugh:

I may or may not have created a full on universe in which Chrysalis wins >.> 😂

Glad Y’all enjoyed it ^_^

Celestia closed her eyes, nearly on the verge of tears, still trying to move her hips back onto Chrysalis’s cock. “Please! Chrysalis, fill me with your brood. Stuff me with your children, I’m a loyal broodmare ready to service you, my Queen.”

That was perhaps a little too perfect. I think Celestia would stumble over her words a little more.

Love this story.

I know this is marked as finished, but I'd love to see more in this universe some time! Chrysalis' impersonation ability here opens up all kinds of fun possibilities :D

quite good hot stuff ya got here
Although, i think you missed a few hotspot here and there. Something like Tia thoughts of how she wanted to be owned by Chrysalis cause of pheromones. Her inner fight that shes losing nevertheless;
And the way of Tia thinking/some of her thoughts after tasting Chrysalis. I little sneak peek about her fucked up mind because of waiting the whole day for her queen wouldnt hurt, i think,

So *psshhhh* you all fuzzy now :3
So yea, more bugverse stuff will be sweet. Would be there any transformation elements for Celestia down the road :?

p.s. vanilla is love, vanilla is for the horde, of course.

In seconds the stumbling mare became immobilized where she stood by changeling resin, stickier than tree sap and as strong as steel. The only way to remove it was through magic only a changeling could create.

If that's true... how could Twilight unstick Cadence in 'A Royal Canterlot Wedding p2' ? :rainbowhuh:

This is the most twisted, messed-up thing I've ever forced my eyes to read. Yet, somehow, still awesome! 12/10 would read again! :pinkiecrazy:

In theory the resin's strength could be linked to the changelings love when it's being made, and since Bug Queen has more love now then she had then, it probably is stronger

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