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I kind of want those "further adventures" to focus on Twilight mind controlling the rest of her friends.

And while this story is well written for what it was "Twilight mind controls Dash into having sex with her" is kind of overdone as a fic concept (at least to me).
(Heck, that's kind of why I made my commission what it was. There needs to be more of the reverse)

I'm loving dominant futa Twi :heart:

To be honest, this part is really here only mostly as a setup for later scenes. I knew that it would be kinda cliche to start with it, but at the same time the idea just got stuck in my head and I had to do it. But the next chapters are going to be quite different from the usual. There are a lot of depraved hijinks that Twilight will be getting up to and not only with her friends.

Now that gives me something to look forward to.

I really like this concept of the princesses having a supernatural aura of command that makes regular ponies obedient to their will. And, it's made even better with the addition of some good old fashioned futa dom. I definitely enjoyed this one and look forward to more!

I just looked up the original image (cover art) and I was not expecting them to be anthro.

I'm okay with this.

Here's an interesting twist, the spell is actually one of celestia's and when she finds out that Twilight cast it she decides to train her in its full potential. even going so far as to have sex in the throne room while petitions are going on and none of the ponies even blink.

Quick question. Anthro Ponies or EG?

How Do I find the original Art

Go to Derpibooru, open any image, replace the number in URL with the one from the description.

Very good story

Excellent nut

Good luck in the contest

Her balls were churning with a new helping of semen, eager to release it into a fertile hole. Twilight could feel its pressure increasing every time she slapped Rainbow’s ass with her hips. “Are you ready to be a mother, Dashie? Hope you are, cause I’m about to put a foal into your womb.” Twilight’s voice was evil and low, sending prickles down Rainbow’s spine.

I know she didn't do it, but I would've loved to see Twilight change her tomboyish, athletic friend into a feminine, submissive housewife.

I Want to see what you have in store For the story

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