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DbzOrDie #2 · May 12th · · 1 ·

This could do with some kind of tag warning about the 'kind' of cock worship here, in terms of hygiene, or lack thereof and such. Wasn't prepared for those kinds of descriptions

Yeh while personally I like it, I think a tag mentioning the heavy musk/smells/taste would be no bad thing.

I need some kind of sequel bad.

This is a great story I hope there ends up being a sequel

I had to reply with that video:twilightblush:.

I guess when Twilight went on the 'attack' I wish she said "I'm not lock in here with you Tempest, your lock in here with me."

Really hot dynamic you create here ^^

Comment posted by Luna Aeterna Solutae deleted May 14th

Like a wedding with pregnant-belly Tempest?

I hope there's a sequel where she got her pregnant.

There is the aftermath of how addictive it is.

I would totally read a sequel with Tempest the other Princesses.

Twilight was as smooth as Bond there 007 would approve.

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