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Not bad, though I do find it strange that Twilight doesn't believe in hypnotism what with the prevalence of mind control abilities and spells so far shown in the show. I mean if Starlight Glimmer's method of sticking ponies in a room with propaganda works then hypnotism shouldn't be all that unbelievable.

Magical mind control, yes. But Rainbow merely said hypnosis. And she's a Pegasus, so that implies no magic, or a different kind of magic to what she's used to and therefore she's doubtful.

I wonder what they're going to do to Twilight. There's so many choices...

6150344 Well I don't think Starlight Glimmer's propaganda room was all that magical, it just seemed like ponies are really weak willed to the point that if you yelled at them enough they'd believe it no matter how silly :facehoof:.


Nah, Starlight's plan was more or less "realistic" brainwashing.

Now I'm curious as to what other fetishes you'll throw in.

6152129 I know right? Where's the rest is what I've been wondering. Along with how you've been.

The only thing I don't really like about this is its anthro but I'd decided to give it a try.

Is this gonna be continued?


You my good sir need to produce more of this

RIP Fic, June 29th - July 30 2016.


Pfft. Really, buddy?

I'm here. I might write something. Pftt.

not bad hope you continue soon

sum gud shit rite here

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

It's been 5 years at this point... I think it's safe to assume the answer is "never". :(

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