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Thunderlane brings over some company for a weekend without his parents. He forgets about an assignment, leaving Flitter and Cloudchaser alone with Rumble, who has magically become a lamia pony. Hijinks ensue to a great but not unreasonable extent.

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Lol that ending was perfect

Well done Thunder you got nicked! Anyway, enjoyed it, like all your stories, love the hypno therapy that's new. Overall well done mate as always can't wait for next story! :)


A half human (or in this case, pony), half snake creature. From Greek mythogy.

Ooooh! I always look forwards to new stories from my favorite scale loving author. This was a good one, very cute! Love the interaction and the hypnosis as usual. Kinda reminds me of a greentext I made ages back in an old 4chan thread about rumble and Bonbon (except Bonbon was the snakepone) I could probably find it if you're interested.

I like these stories a lot....very well done.

And I don't know if this was inspiration for you or not...but I have played a NSFW text-based RPG called Corruption of Champions...and in it there is an item called Snake Oil that has the exact same effect...permanent over multiple doses.

Maybe useful information idk its laaaaattteeee and I be de derp


Yeah, I frequent 4chan's video games board and CoC was really popular there around the time I decided to write my story. I never played it, so if I hadn't heard of it I would have just called the transformation potion something else.

4670399 well alrighty then

Flitter blinked as she suddenly refocused

not wanting to leave her sister in the clutches of that...thing.

being trapped so tightly was a really weird sensation,

just a teensy bit more into the the teenager's body.

and the pressure around her stomach made her feel like she was going to be sick.

sweet relief as her heart was racing;

only to now find the soft muscle

the spell encompassed most of a his vision when he was hypnotized.

all I need to do is tell her to wake

In fact, the slow rhythm of of Rumble's breathing

I want you to take it,

“You were shooting spitballs at creepy fedora-wearing colt who always sits up front.”


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Cloudchaser had to stifle a chuckle. “Nope, the due date was moved up. I distinctly remember you being in class when it was announced. You were shooting spitballs at creepy fedora-wearing colt who always sits up front.”

Hey! Don't shoot spitballs at me!

Oddly while reading the hypnotist part I heard it in the voice of a hypnotist I saw once or twice.

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