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I write stories about cartoon characters getting involved in sexual situations, often facilitated by some sort of mind control. At this point, it'd be better to ask what's RIGHT with me.

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I really enjoyed this. Sexy and well-written!

Beautiful indeed.
Very interesting, if this goes in the long run.

Wait, so he stole her bed? What?

6554501 Not so much 'stole' as 'made appear and then disappear'.

This could go places or atleast a bit longer if continued. I'd love to see what it does to the other princesses. and the males.

I think I'm more confused than turned on.
That went a little fast, I think it could've longer definitely.

Umm,:derpyderp2: what just happened?:applejackconfused:

Am I the only one hoping for a sequel? If not then ok, so please continue this, it's good and interesting.

What I took from this: something almost not quite entirely unlike the Venom Symbiote landed on Equestria, took control of Fluttershy, planned on We Are Venom-ing everyone, but ran right into a big wall of Friendship when it hit Twilight's mind and chose true symbiosis over parasitism. Supposition: it was some kind of weapon/enhancement project that got lost, nanomachines probably, and was just following its program when the Elements/Rainbow Power in Twilight whammied it into sapience and nudged it into being good.

It's a fascinating concept, and I could see it being expanded easily, perhaps exploring how it affects various characters, bringing out their hidden desires (and probably making Equestria a Free Sex Society in the process,) then revving up for a bit of Adventure when whoever lost it comes looking.

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