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All hail Willmo.

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Yes! I love it!

Well, this was interesting to read with Cloud to Butt.

5874954 I had to Google that, WHY DOES THAT EVEN EXIST

So I read this ... and I'm curious; why make her mane and tail grow? It is because as a pony, she doesn't have the human features which might grow in a situation like this or what?

6073974 They're pink and fluffy, eg cloud. I really don't understand the question.


... OH! Oh duh. Yes, of course. Somehow I completely failed to make that connection.


Sure, what about?

6159478 If it's more of this story It does not matter xD

I don't know whether I can write more of this story. I was going to have a chapter for each of the Mane Six, but gradually I forgot their stories and just left it with Pinkie.

Hehe almost reminds me of of the image of pinkie tial absorbing dash .

SO, gonna, past on this just cause of the group tags, but, curious, if, it's set before return of harmony, but contains what I think it contains, I'm guessing, nothings gonna get fixed, cause, Pinkie wouldn't be around to help. Just, curious on that, cause, that'd make this an au too.

You were right.

I was expecting this to be a oneshot clop that ended with something along the lines of ‘And that’s how Pinkie gained her Discord-esque abilities.’

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