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Poor Trixie can't get a break. In between stops on her Humble and Penitent Equestrian Apology Tour, her cart breaks down in the middle of a dangerous forest. Unfortunately for her, she is happened upon by a petulant python that seems to have a love for magic tricks. However, the giant snake has a few 'tricks' of her own, which she's happy to show to Trixie. In "teaching" Trixie, the snake begins to make some rather odd suggestions, that Trixie seems to weirdly agree with. What dastardly plan could this serpent possibly be hatching?

Cover image used with permission. Source : http://lunahazacookie.deviantart.com/art/Lost-Magician-618361196

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

is this meant to be anthro or not

You seem to alternate between treating Trixie as a pony and as an anthro. You mention both "arms" and "forelegs", for example.

Is there going to be a chapter about the reprogramming? Before the second chapter's taking place?

Comment posted by Alphamon_Ouryuken deleted Jul 4th, 2016


Sorry, no anthro. I fixed the problem. I guess this is just a reason to not do proofreading at 2AM lol.


Nah, I wanted to leave it up to the reader's imagination what changes Zara made to Trixie's psyche.

I think it was an interesting story but I wish to have see more of the snakes plan with Trixy and the audience.

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