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Greatings I am Rathbane (muhahaha) just kidding actually a pretty nice guy with a cool sounding name.

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I live · 2:48am Aug 30th, 2015

Sorry I've been gone so long!

My computer room was occupied by my brother while he found a house and I need privacy when writing pony stuff :D

He was successful in his hunt and has moved in so I hope to write more soon.

Hope you guys have been having fun.

Like I said more to come!

More Bad Therapy!

More Stories!

More ponies being hypnotized!

More random product placement for Taco Bell!!!!!!!

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Glad you enjoyed my stories. I toyed with the idea like this but it just didn't have a natural flow to it in my head sadly.

Hi! I really like your hypnosis stories! Can you make a story where DR. Spiral Swirl hypnotizes the reader?

2525354 Okay then, :twilightsmile:Sorry...

:facehoof:DAMMIT!!! I can't stop saying sorry, I've offended so many people all the time that I immediately apologize for even requesting a certain action

Sorry if I wasted your---

CRAP!!! :raritycry:

Anyways, got any fics I could ru---uhh... Make an abridged version out of:derpytongue2:

Heh:rainbowwild: I'm a self loathing comedian, or what political correctness calls a "humorist"

Yeah I was mulling over your comment. I'm going to have say no. Since bad therapy is really just the biggest part of a shared universe of stories so there's details that would be missed. Also bit of friendly advice, when you're requesting something and you say something that you have to say sorry if it offended the person. Don't include that part of the comment.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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