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Greatings I am Rathbane (muhahaha) just kidding actually a pretty nice guy with a cool sounding name.

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I live · 2:48am Aug 30th, 2015

Sorry I've been gone so long!

My computer room was occupied by my brother while he found a house and I need privacy when writing pony stuff :D

He was successful in his hunt and has moved in so I hope to write more soon.

Hope you guys have been having fun.

Like I said more to come!

More Bad Therapy!

More Stories!

More ponies being hypnotized!

More random product placement for Taco Bell!!!!!!!

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Here's a group on Spiral Swirl. This will be where the story arc will connect.


Glad you enjoyed my stories. I toyed with the idea like this but it just didn't have a natural flow to it in my head sadly.

Hi! I really like your hypnosis stories! Can you make a story where DR. Spiral Swirl hypnotizes the reader?

2525354 Okay then, :twilightsmile:Sorry...

:facehoof:DAMMIT!!! I can't stop saying sorry, I've offended so many people all the time that I immediately apologize for even requesting a certain action

Sorry if I wasted your---

CRAP!!! :raritycry:

Anyways, got any fics I could ru---uhh... Make an abridged version out of:derpytongue2:

Heh:rainbowwild: I'm a self loathing comedian, or what political correctness calls a "humorist"

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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