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After battling another little bout of depression, I am working my way down my commisions list! If you're still waiting on your story do not worry I will get to it soon!

This started off as an RP with the Mightyshockwave

Rarity is not quite what she seems to be, as Caramel is soon to learn upon entering her shop one cold winter's day...She can be a bit...persuasive, and a bit more cold-blooded than he's expecting...

[Contains Snakeponies and Hypnosis] Also not particularly a clop story, unless you're a fan of hypnosis and coiling...in that case yeah, you can probably get off to this.

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Wow man, this was great! KInda scary, but great. Don't think I've seen a fic like this before, so extra points for that.

It amused me and interested me. RarityxCaramel is not something I see often and it's cool for something different, and I must say I liked how you switched POV every once in a while to show what was going on in both minds as opposed to sticking to either one.

Then Rarity started getting predatory at the end and it scared me with how dark/uneasy it felt. :rainbowderp:

I kind of want a follow-up

Hmmmm.I'm very worried about caramel. Interesting story though.

Considering how idyllic Ponyville is, and the lack of ponies disappearing, I really doubt Caramel is any danger. Well, other than neglecting his own life back home. That and you can't very harmonious by eating the very ponies you're supposed to be protecting as a National hero and part of The Elements.

Truth be told, I was always assumed it would be Fluttershy that would have some dark secret like this. I mean, she does have The Stare after all, and is far closer to Nature than any other pony around-- even the Everfree Forest doesn't screw with that mare. Although wings would make her something more like a Quetzalcóatl (from the Toltecs) than a lamia.

TFW Rarity and Hypnosis AND coiling fetish combines

Thank you, based plotplony.

Wow, that was pretty fantastic. I don't often feel in the mood to read stories, so it's really nice that when I finally do, it's a good one X3
this was very well written, very descriptive and sensual, you captured the perspective perfectly and created an immersive and relatable texture to the atmosphere that was easy to get lost in. i'll be checking out your other stories sometime too X3

San Flankcisco
Oh my God:facehoof:

brighter as she

Am I the only that thinks that Rarity is seriously going against her element here?

nicely written Warched swirls in eyed oooh

There are two issues with this Rarity.

1: This isn't really consistent with Generosity. At a minimum, she would need to provide for her heat source, not just use him.

1b: For that matter, why not get a heat lamp to keep her workspace warm?

2: He has some sort of meeting tomorrow, and if he disappears from town, ponies will ask questions.

3. He's going to need to eat.

Rarity really did not plan ahead. There's no way to keep his disappearance from being known, and if someone realizes that he was getting a suit made from her, she'll be questioned.

I do like the point-of-view back-and-forth.

I’m a sucker for nice snakepony stories.

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