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What if Starlight Glimmer saw through the Mane 6's ruse? After all, she had dealt with such plots before, and she's absolutely confident that she can reach out to the yellow mare that her friends are using for their insidious means.

(Author's note: this is my attempt at a more subtle, realistic kind of mind control/hypnosis. Tell me how it is in the comments! All criticism helps me get better. Also, I intended this as a one-shot, but I set this story to incomplete in case I may want to continue it.)

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A nice brainwashing piece, but it kind of just ended. Fluttershy's haircut was kind of anticlimactic.

That was really good, I especially liked the haircut-scene.
I've already read one or two fics where Fluttershy gets converted by Starlight, but those included clop, so this is an interesting spin on the subject.
One thing I didn't like so much is that the pacing is really slow in the beginning, I think a few scenes could've been shortened to get to the point more quickly, but maybe that's just me.
Anyways, I would definatelly like to see where you would take this story.

Another Shockwave fic did not disappoint. Bravo.

5965003 what is that profile pic from?

this is great I'm Looking forward to the next chapter

5966957 Is that a group here on Fimfic or a separate site?

Wooow, that was so creepy, and cool!! Please tell me your gonna do each new chapter of each member of the mane 6 falling to equality??

You sure takes this slow compared to other such stories. It IS very interesting to say the least about Starlight's methods.

Whoa. How did I not see this before? No, seriously, I was already following MightyShockwave, there should have been an E-Mail notification... huh. Guess I need to check my Feed more often!

And... wow. You pulled it off, man. I was thinking about something like this ever since I saw the two-parter, but... I doubt I'm gonna find another Fluttershy-conversion fic as good as this one. Starlight Glimmer truly is a dangerously competent and genre-savvy villain. This fic is going straight in my favorites box. Well done, Shockwave!

I'll read it tomorrow. For now, looks like More Than Mind Control to me. Definitely gonna re-check that.

It was horrifying to see Fluttershy's identity slowly slipping away. You did a remarkable job of showing that. Congratulations on a well written story.

6014805 Heya, if interested and if thinking of continuing with each member of the Mane 6; I may have a suggestion for Rainbow Dash if want lol

I love it! I love it, I love it!
The slow build up to Fluttershy's total equalization was mindbreakingly wonderful, and the writing for her reasoning changing with her was chilling.

Great job!
Equalization for everypony!:pinkiecrazy:

More please! :pinkiehappy: when you have the time that is.

Still planning to add more?

This is VERY DARK. :pinkiegasp:

I LOVE IT! :pinkiecrazy:

Pretty interesting premise. Dark as hell, but it's nice to see someone exploring it. Hope it's not dead.

this is a great story so far, but I wish it could continue soon:pinkiesad2:

THIS IS AWESOME! I have a way with ponies.
Hope you continue soon :yay:

I got a very creepy vibe from this. Which is good.

will you be continuing this in the future?

Who's next to be equalised?

Are you ever going to continue this? I'd like to see Rarity go next.

Yes you do have a way with ponies but what about spirits of chaos? i'm sure he will be just so glad his only friend is gone now that should end well

Celestia.... The ending fucking reminded me of the cough.

Oh yeah disrobe would do do something unspeakable to starlight. Once he find out what she did ooh they better watch out.

I pose a good question friend... Have we ever seen Discord truly mad? Like to the point where he loses it?

Well I mean he was pretty pissed when the changelings kidnapped her So maybe. Discord does love his mind games

I think the maddest he got was at the changelings.... but he wasn't able to use his powers properly i think the maddest he's been with his powers was when he threatened tree hugger with an alternate dimension

It is rare that I find a story here (fimfic) that I like that has an unhappy ending like this.

Well written.
Competent Starlight.
Yes, it's slow, and takes it's time -- but that's not bad, that's how it would actually play.

Magically helped brainwashing. And, all Fluttershy had to do was just not give her a chance.

It's ... an interesting, and scary concept. If you give someone's view a chance, and actually consider their different viewpoint, it will change you. It pretty much has to -- if you are not different, if you have not changed your views at all, then you did not really even give it a chance.

But if there is a magical effect that kicks in on that "willingness to consider", well, then this.

I'm sure Discord can fix her up with his chaotic personality.

I imagine Discord coming in, sees what Starlight Glimmer did to his friend, and then change Glimmer into some kind of pig pony and tear her mind apart.

Think you might ever do a sequel or continuation of this?

Probably not, but who knows if inspiration will strike.

"What did you do before you came here?" the manipulative mare said as she climbed onto the table. "Were you some kind of secret spy?" she said striking a kung-fu pose. "Or perhaps some royal ninja?"

Starlight leaped up and delivered a karate buck to the air. However, she had overestimated her own abilities and fell flat on the floor. She meekly stood up, rubbing her rump for a moment, before letting her playful spirit fade and looked at Fluttershy with a deadpan gaze.

Ok, that was very cute. Despite the circumstances.

Unfortunately, manipulating the mind directly was something far beyond her ability, at least for today. If she could get her hooves on an actual artifact of Meadowbrook, though…

Look at us underestimating Starlight back in season five; our favorite anxiety-ridden magical plot device would never be so limited!

That aside, I adored this. The third person omniscient perspective works very well, and it was delightful to see Fluttershy’s slowly-changing thought process. I assume the haircut scene was intended to be sexy—or possibly it wasn’t and I’m just weird—but, either way, I found it incredibly hot in addition to being a fitting climax, so, if it was intentional, well done.

I do wish that there’d been a bit more of Starlight sincerely believing what she says, since we know she did start her cult because she thought it was the right thing to do, but A) this story is eight years old so critiquing it is largely pointless, and B) that’s probably a limitation of the information available at the time.
Either way, a phenomenal story ❤️

EDIT: Based on your other work, I’m going to assume that the haircut scene was definitely like that on purpose, in which case I restate my compliments with the additional note that nopony can ever have enough mantras.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

...And yes, I *really* like haircuts. It activates the monkey brain.

I'm the same; I don't blame you.

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