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Twilight finds a new potion that transforms her into a lamia. Not wanting to waste this opportunity for scientific advancement, she invites Fluttershy, animal expert to help her in her new form. Things get a little freaky when Twilight discovers that she has the power to mind control other ponies, things get intimate as Fluttershy and Twilight go on a magical journey filled with wonder and self-discovery.

Oh who am I kidding?

It's a shameless hypnofic that will disgust you if you don't share the fetish and get your rocks off if you do.

Chapters (3)
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NOTE: Not part of my snake oil "canon". A story with Rumble is coming I swear to god.

Can you make a SEQUAL with this ending


Which ending, the bad ending?

...it's almost a "bad" and a "slightly less bad" ending. Almost.

However, it was an amusing little read and twenty minutes well-spent.

The grammar is the only objectively detestable part.
And I guess I discovered a new fetish to figure out, so good job.:yay:

This was very good. Can't wait for more, whether it's from this or just other snake oil stories.

3923725 How is this one a "slightly less bad" ending? It seemed pretty fine to me.

Okay a question, are you ever going to make a clop fic with lamia's?:rainbowhuh:


See Pink Scales.

And if you're anything like me, even without anything explicit this stuff is really hot.

I'm probably reading too much into the final line. :derpyderp1:

Please Make a Sequel with this ending.

I'm trying to figure out what a lamia is, I've never heard of them. This was a far better ending in my opinion (the good one) it was so cute.:twilightsmile:


A lamia is a mythological creature from India that has the upper body of a human (or in this case a pony) and the lower half of a snake. Best for maximym cuddles.

Huh. 4. I'm fine with that.

aww i want more X3, like if they went on a date and twi was still like a snake, i like to see how ponies react to it X3

Sure, I'll give this thing a whirl.
Never liked the Kaa fetish, or this fetish in particular, but the idea seems okay enough.

It's weird.
Kinda regretting it.
I was warned.

three votes for a sequel


Yay for good endings!

This is not the type of story I'd naturally gravitate toward, but to my surprise, I actually quite liked it. I love the idea of Twilight being a GLaDOS-like "For science!" crazy pony. :twilightsheepish:

one vote more for the sequel, i want to see Twilight brainwashing the rest of the Mane 6


The question is, who should be next?

3926597 Rainbow Dash seems to be an interesting candidate... :twilightsmile:

But, you know, it's your story...

You have GOT to make a sequel for this ending! Please?:applecry:

For a sequel with this ending: You have my sword. :trixieshiftleft:

And a vote. :twilightsheepish:

3926214 Hypnotic llamas! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Squel for this ending: 6 7

... nope. Too erotic for my tastes. :applejackunsure:

3925266 Actually Lamia originate from greek mythology. They are also known to be vampiric. Anyway this was a good read, I was not aware that there were others out there with this particular interest. Excellent work.

SEQUEL for this endding :flutterrage:


Huh, that's interesting. So they're closer to gorgons then? I wonder if there's a petrification group on this site that I could write a story for....

best lamia story ever a good work there my freind i envy you i still hope you´ll make more of this
and im no sicko for reading this you´re the who write this:rainbowkiss:

Better than other lamia fiction I've read.

Not bad.

Please have a sequel with the bad end, pwetty pweese :duck: :fluttershysad:

oh by celestia's beard i want a sequel for this ending!:trollestia:

3929070 You could always make one, I know I'd read Gorgon stuff. Next to Lamia they are my favorite type of snake people. However the myths behind Gorgons are even more convoluted. Some have been know to have the full body of a woman with only snake hair. sometimes their hair is snake tails instead of the heads. Even their powers differ depending on the source such as their bite turning you to stone instead of their gaze. Anyway this was an excellent story, as well as the others you wrote. i might as well throw in my vote for an expansion on the bad end as well, 'twas rather enjoyable :pinkiecrazy:


Hmm, what about a gorgon pony who's gaze, in addition to turning you to stone from the hoof up, hypnotizes you to actually like it and want to spend the rest of your life as a pretty statue in Gorgonpony's garden?

3933169 Screw the elements of harmony we have Gorgons! that would kinda make sense if say they were a hybrid of a Lamia and a Gorgon. but the eyes can't do two things at once so have their gaze do the mesmerizing and their venom do the petrifying. Fun fact some Lamia actually have a bulb like apendage on their tales that opens up like a mouth with tentacles, this particular bit is used to do the hypnosis in these instances. Its crazy how myths vary so wildly even when dealing with the same creature.

Like apparently everyone else that's seen this, I want a sequel with the bad ending. Make it happen!

Pwetty pwease...... :pinkiesad2:


Wow, I underestimated the amount of sadists here. Alright, I'll work on a bad end sequel with Rainbow Dash and a good end sequel with Applejack.

3937396 YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSC:pinkiehappy: I not a sadist, I just wanna see what might happen next

3937396 YAY :pinkiehappy: this is going to be awes..... wait what :rainbowderp:..... sadist.. SADIST:flutterrage:.
Meh :twilightblush: I suppose your right :pinkiecrazy:

3937396 Im sure both will be good but im a little curious, why one for both endings when everyone seemed to prefer the bad one? Again im fine either way


A lot of people prefer the good end, including myself.

3937901 AH, good to know im not the only one who isn't completely sociopathic here:twilightsmile:

3937396 I very much resent being call a sadist. It's true, but I resent it anyway.

3937396 we're not sadists, we just enjoyed how you turned twilight into a twisted, insane snake pony that took total control over fluttershy and made her a slave. oh wait, that is sadistic... never mind!:trollestia:

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