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That was an interesting read, thank you.
I enjoyed it.
So is there going to be more or was that just a one-shot?

Either way it was fun.
Hope everything works out
Best luck in the future

I'd drop the comedy tag.

Also, write more of it!

:derpytongue2: That... was... AWESOME! :heart: Keep up the great work! :twilightsheepish:


Thanks. I'll get to writing more once my exams are over.

Please , please PLEASE write a squel (but make it longer) :applecry:

hehehe :heart: this is one of my faves, but, :flutterrage: MAKE MORE!!!! :flutterrage: and :facehoof: no equestria girls stuff!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!:applecry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair::raritycry::fluttershysad::ajsleepy::pinkiegasp::fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch:

this was amazing X3

also what's the differentness between lamias and nagas or are they the same thing?

I could of swore I saw this exact same story, but with Pinkie and Rainbow... And another one with Sunset and Fluttershy!

Only 1 word is needed here:
k, i'm done.

Lamia are Greek, I believe, while Naga are Indian, they look similar but I believe they have been shown to have different abilities and roles.

So... will... will Snakity go crazy insane with power, or will she actually make a difference to the world?

This is one of those stories that tries to use fetishes to cover up for a very dull plot and sloppy characterization.

This is even worse than the usual case, since MC is a fetish that relies on slow, deliberate pacing and especially subtlety to work well. The only justification for this fic isn't done well, and it just highlights all the other problems that much more.

Your grammar and spelling are better than most fetish fics I've read, but the descriptions lean towards "functional" rather than "interesting." Overall, I'm gonna have to downvote this; the things it did poorly far outnumbered the things it did passably.


Yeah, there like a million of these coming out of nowhere, kinda like all those "x is actually a changeling and never knew it" fics.

This isn't really Romance as much as Random, might want to change that

Well, as I replied to That Gamer's comment on "Pink Scales", I feel it only fair to comment here to tell you that my story, "Shying Up To Sunsets", was inspired by and heavily influenced by this story. I loved your descriptions. They showed how being wrapped in a two-ton pile of snake tail might actually be soothing. And there was an element of consent here that I, personally, have difficulty finding in these kinds of stories, which it makes it hard for me to enjoy them, try as I might.

I'm gonna assume this is a prequel to cuddling the caretaker?


Eh, if you want. Cuddling the caretaker is another "canon," but at the end of the day they're just hypnofics.

Hello there, I am JofY (as evidenced by the name on the left) and I want to become a riffer of fanfiction. I'm hoping to start with this story. The main site where riffs can be found is this here. My opinion on your story is that it's a descent fic. Nothing bad about it and it has a unique concept. If you want, I'll send you the riff before it is posted. But other than that, I would like your permission to do this riff. Please reply to this comment whether you would be okay with this story being riffed or not.


Sure man, it's cool. I know the fic is bad and really niche. I won't throw a hissy fit because someone on the internet calls it out for what it is. I can't wait to read it (or listen to it, whatever you're doing). PM me it when your done.

I just now realized how short this is. Not nearly as short as mine, but still. Either way, it was pretty good. 6/10.

I... I don't know if I should be aroused or not

I have to wonder, would this make things less awkward for Spike, or more? :rainbowhuh:

4537410 I don't know it depends on whether or not he's cold-blooded I guess.

my bad side is saying this is awesome! :pinkiehappy: my good side is saying that this is morbid junk :pinkiesick: my normal side is saying that this weird :moustache: and my friend rarity is saying that this is ruining her image :raritycry:

She swore her lower half had to be col-blooded, you accidently forgot the d in cold.

I got two stories about the Nagas. Will you guys mind., if I'm going to put them in groups odf Snake Pony and Lamia? They don't have anything to do with Pony turns into Naga.
It is about the fight to get the land of Equestria be tween the Natives that are Ponies and the colonists of the Nagas Empire.

Well, you just sold me on an entirely new kink! Cute story. *runs off to find more lamia themed fics*


Thanks! I half-think to rewrite this one; it's definitely rough around the edges, and I feel like I've gotten better.

6488848 You're the writer.

6488848 Uh, hi...I'm hoping you'll help me with something, my messages and comments on userpage's seems to be going haywire, I just don't know what to do, I've tried logging in and out, and I can't think of what to else I can do, all it says is "failed to send X". I have stuff to send to a follower of mine, and I can't:fluttercry::flutterrage::fluttercry:


I don't know, email FimFic support I guess?

6490940 thank you, how would I do that?

6491071 Thanks, this has been eating away at me:twilightsmile:

ok, ive been looking for the first story of this and ive never found it...

I did a little reading for this fic.

Hope someone enjoys!


WOW, I love it! I feel so flattered, and that reading was a joy to listen to.

Thanks. I had fun recording. Happy you liked it.

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