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I'd remove the "Romance" tag.

It's a fairly sweet "The Cutie Mark Crusaders mess around with things they shouldn't" story, but I wouldn't call it a "romance" by a long shot.


I agree with Darkyt here. This isn't really a romance. I'd say comedy and random are more than enough.

That creeped me out

In a bad way that you think


I would like to know how the main 6 react to Sweeties new Transformation.


Is there going to be more of this? Because there should be.

I love you....

And you're probably gonna get a lot of these buuuuuutttt.....Zecora-Lamia next?


I wish. Writing Zecora would be a nightmare. Probably Flutters-AJ next, unless you have another idea. I'm always open for suggestions.


How about Fluttershy's accidentally taken some snake oil, and winter is coming, so it's rather cold, and BigMac (Or one of the Mane Six) wanders over and she very apologetically wraps them in her coils to help keep warm?

You are doing Celestias work. :pinkiehappy:

Maybe you could also do something with Lamia Twilight and Spike.

Cool a new one. :pinkiehappy:
That was a funny, just like the CMC's

Thanks for the new story
Good luck best wish.

How about Spike and lamia Rarity. She uses the snake oil again and this time, she gains a few more snake-like features due to using it a second time, like slitted eyes and a forked tongue.
Rarity asks Spike to come over to the boutique and when he walks in, she coils him up and lifts him to the ceiling where she is. Eventually, when they're about to go to sleep, Spike confesses his love for her and him and Rarity make love to each other.


I am going to have to agree with Sparkledash's suggestion.

Purple snakey goodness. :trollestia:


Maybe, but it wouldn't be cloppy in the slightest. Twilight and Spike have the closest thing to a mother-son relationship two different species can have.

This was great! Hope it's not a one-shot. :twilightsmile:

You like Naga don't you Squidward?

A few grammatical errors, but overall a nice story. I liked the fact the hypnotizing ended up all in good fun. Sweetie Belle just wanted her friends to be happy and have a good time, making them do things that a young child would probably pick. I would not mind seeing more stories of this type of thing going about a non-clop way (which is usually how things turn out). Someone below mentioned a Fluttershy lamia X Big Mac where they just end up snuggling and keeping warm during winter. That would be kinda cute I think. But I have a feeling it would take a bit of build up before the hypnotizing if it happens at all. One, because Fluttershy doesn't like using things like the stare unless needed. And two, Big Mac would probably agree to help warm her up from just being a gentle stallion after getting over she was a lamia.

That was actually kinda cute.

So are you gonna continue this story?


Yes actually, I'm sitting on the sequel right now and just waiting for a friend to finish the cover pic. IT should go up tonight or tomorrow.


goin on my RL list, givin it a thumb, and lookin forward to moar. :twilightsmile:

Double spaces after periods... and this:

Scootaloo tapped her foot impatiently on the wooden clubhouse floor.

Scootaloo tapped her foot...




Whoops. Thanks for catching that. I'll change it.

I wish that you'd make a fic with the cmc ALL being lamias :trixieshiftleft: Why only sweetie belle also? :unsuresweetie:

you should also add a dark tagg


Why? It's not like she permanently hypnotizes them. Also Sweetie got the treatment because she is the silliest and the cutest CMC.

4761545 makes sense, makes sense. But still, what if apple bloom and scootloo got jealous or something and they both tried it out> :twilightblush: what just putting it out there

4761879 :pinkiegasp: REALLY! just asking, where'd you'd get the lamia part in all your stories>


I just think lamias are cute and versatile monster girls.

4763171 thats a good point, but what would happen if rarity found out about the stolen snake oil stuff :applejackunsure:.


She might have to teach them a lesson~


Has two sequels, The Sweetest Snake and Rumble the Entertainer.
Thanks for the compliment though!

man, out of all your lamia stories, this one was always my favorite.


Thanks! I liked writing this one a lot too.

“My princess, they have been getting more bold. Why, my scouts tell me raiding parties have been invading settlements and stealing all of our subjects' cookies!” Scootaloo said putting on a gruff, militaristic voice.


Scootaloo said as she picked herself up and raced back up into the clubhouse. “Sweetie! Are you al...right...what?”

Sweetie Belle closed her eyes and rubbed her temples with her hooves.

I believe it's
but couldn't find the words.

She wouldn't deny it, she didn't really like to be tied up or immobilized in any way.

Sweetie Belle looped around her on her third pass,

Alright,” Sweetie Belle cooed, “I want you to relax.”

If it was anyone other than Sweetie Belle, she'd be a little scared.

and her drive to stick things out was paying off.

I think is was sweet for Sweetie Bell to make Scootaloo feel like she was flying like that, after all, she had never flown before.

Sure, she might have been disappointed when she snapped out of it, but still. It was sweet of her. :twilightsmile:

I like the idea of "Lamia Belle"

rarity and sweetie lamia duo story

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