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Rumble is lured...err...invited over by the CMC for a playdate, little does he know, they have something else in mind. Something more sinister and...slithery.

Cover pic courtesy of http://lets-ask-rumble.tumblr.com/

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I laughed at the sexual innuendo about Rumble snake-tail length and thickness :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

i hope there will be a story soon were thunder lane will get the potion

That was weird.

I like weird.

So i suppose the next one will include a snakelike Thunderlane with Flitter and Cloudchaser?

3970180 i hope not. sometime stories need to stick to the main characters.

Another fine addition to the snakepony series, I quite enjoy these being a bit of a hypnosis fan myself. I also tend to like the constriction aspect quite a lot, and though that was mostly absent here I still highly enjoyed it and look forwards to anything else you might care to write, because you are awesome.
Rock on Shockwave, Rock On.


Thanks, yeah I felt this one was a little underdone because it deals with foals. I had to hold myself back because it felt pedo to make things fetishy here. I even felt a little guilty including that bit where Rumble admires having Apple Bloom in his coils.

Thunderlane, however, is a teenage pone and it'll be a lot more natural when he and the twins "experiment."


Thunderlane, however, is a teenage pone and it'll be a lot more natural when he and the twins "experiment."

Dah dum dum, dramatic revirbe!

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa…whoa, wait, so you’re telling me that you drank a potion that turned you part snake and gave you mind control powers?” Thunderlane asked.
“Yeah, why?” Rumble asked back.
“Dude…you’ve GOT to get me some of that stuff!”

:rainbowderp: well, this has been...strange...

...i better get going. :pinkiecrazy:

I like how you basically have two kinds of stories here depending on if they are adults or foals and both are quite nice:twilightsmile:

this is so much stupid its hilarius XXXD in a very good way. great job

Another installment in the one of the best canons in FIMFiction? I can't wait! :pinkiehappy:
(Please don't take another 9 months this time...)

What if the Flim Flam Brothers get wind of this snake oil potion, or if they were the ones who sold it to Rarity or something.

I wonder what Thunderlane would do with the Lamia potion.:unsuresweetie::trixieshiftright::duck:

Comment posted by nerdyGAMERgrl deleted Jan 12th, 2016

4534693 Oh sweet Celestia, I pray that never happens!

“Maybe later. I gotta keep my weight down to go fast on my scooter.”



An athletic little filly has to watch her diet!

Just how she said it was funny.

“Dude…you’ve GOT to get me some of that stuff!”

👋because men👋

*facepalm muzzlehoof whatever it is called*

“Dude…you’ve GOT to get me some of that stuff!”

Me too. I will be a Serpentine general yet!

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