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There is nothing important here.


After a shipment of bootleg puppies arrives in Ponyville, only one mare can stop them before they overwhelm the blooming puppy market. By punting them skywards.

It makes sense in context.

Wonderful cover art helpfully MSpainted into existence by WanderingPony!

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Why the fuck the Shady's voice change near the end of the story? Da fuck.

It's the perfect coverart!

Still not sorry.

It's hard to fake an accent when you're fucking pissed off, ya know. And Shady/Dented was already faking an entire identity, so...

8777708 I kinda get that now. Just when I do my fake voice, I don't do it talking to myself. The reason why his voice change just came out left field for me.

That's what happens when the plans of mice and men go awry~

8777737 We fight now! Slap. Slap. Slap.

All dumb shit aside, this is the best puppy kicking story I've read (I might have a problem). The setup is near perfect and even dog lovers would cheer on Fluttershy.

Well, what if you had your fake voice, and then your double fake voice?

You say you were sober while writing this. Allow me to doubt.

Sober, not sane.

Snuzzles! I'll snuzzle everypony to death! :flutterrage:

A crackfic of quality. Liked and Favorited.

An inconspicuous train arrived in the outskirts of Ponyville. There were only two carriages on it, one for the train itself and the other was specifically designed in such a way as to not attract any attention to what it contained. A brown, haggard unicorn stepped out of the front part, blinded by the sun that he had not seen in months.

lower eyelid twitch

That is called the engine.

lower eyelid twitch

Passed the point where we needed to stop indeed.

No idea what you're on about. It was always engine. :raritywink:

Sanity is overrated.

5/10 puppy kick, not nearly enough height


Good. Clearly I was mistaken. :rainbowlaugh:

And then the banner ads:
"Puppies for dummies, Price Drop"

It peeved her to no end

You madman, think of the chidlren!


This story pops up after I get a puppy along with Post Puppy Blues...

Did Fluttershy have a silly walk all day?

This story is so funny :rainbowlaugh: Where did you get the idea of dogs not being native to Equestria?

Winona is the only dog we see in the show, right? Sure, we have Diamond Dogs, but they're not the same thing.

Came to read for the cover art

Faved for the puppy kicking Fluttershy

I promised puppy kicking.

I never break a promise.

Needs a sequel. Or series.

Decent crackfic, made me laugh from time to time, not all the jokes hit the mark but it did well:coolphoto: 4/10 My standards are absurdly high anyway so you did good

Why compelled you to write in your description that "I'm legally obligated to tell you that I'm british" ?

At least Fluttershy didn't end up breaking into song when the puppykicking started:

"98 puppies to kick in the town, 98 puppies to kick...chase one down, punt it around, 97 puppies to kick in the town."

My only sadness here is that Fluttershy is not shown booting a puppy, but rather furnishings.

Over 9000 hours in MS Paint later:


This is wonderful. Would you mind if I?

Fuck it, did it anyway and gave ya the mad credz. Feel free to yell at me if I was wrong.


So, we had Twilight indiscriminately vaporizing insane Pinkie Pie clones, Fluttershy kicking magic puppies with replicator errors...

Who will be next?


Just beautiful. This story sums up many things around me. :twilightoops:

If he gets in your way, just kick the fucker!

🎵Kick, kick, kick puppies all day long.🎵

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