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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


Twilight's friends try to work out what to order to eat.
Meanwhile, Twilight seems... somewhat distracted by something.
If only she'd just say what it is.

Written after being given only the title as a prompt for inspiration.

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"Yeah!" Pinkie cheered. "Garçon! Another order of pepper-stuffed mushroom poppers for the table! No, make it two! Fun hallucinations all around!"

I suppose that explains it also make it THREE

Cannot resist:

:rainbowlaugh: Not what I was expecting, but still hilarious. That said, one would hope they put that disclaimer on the menu. Still, thank you for this.

Not at all what I was expecting, but I still enjoyed it a ton. Definitely the kind of laugh I needed today. Great work! :heart:

Blood, cheese, and friendship. Marvelous.

Also for some reason this reminds me of fire it up by disturbed

I don't see any blood? All I see are a bunch of c00t little puppers

I thought this was going to be like It, the scene with the blood balloons that noone else in the restaurant noticed. Instead...pepper mushroom things.

I feel like there's a reference here I'm not getting.

reminds me of Damaged's works 'extra cheesy' and 'totaly cheesy' but with...ya know 100 percent more evil added.

this is from that video of those guys in a discord call arguing about pizza whist ignoring the picture someone posted full of blood. darn i forget the name of it...



I have no idea what I just read, or why I find it so hilarious that I'm currently crying from laughing so hard. Lol

Can't they just get two pizzas? That's not a lot for six ponies, one of which is Pinkie Pie.

Very funny. I guess it's Spike's night off, so Twilight was pressed into service as the butt monkey.

(Because, really, "For the customers' safety, please do not acknowledge or contradict their delusions" doesn't make sense. Has a person tripping by accident ever, anywhere, been harmed by someone noting "duuuude. You did realize that stamp was coated in LSD before you licked it, right?")

9342013 Code Geass which had a sponsorship with Pizza Hut in Japan. It's true.

Okay. Also, that's hilarious. I was just asking, since it seemed interesting. So, was it like "Pizza Hut Promotion Ads: The Anime"?

9342040 Actually I think the song was parodying the fast food chain industry as a whole.

I noticed, I just meant the actual show itself. There was quite a bit of Pizza Hut stuff I saw in the footage.

Wow... Someone actually found that...
Color me thoroughly impressed.

I watch his friends so the vid showed up in my recomendeds and I was like "where have i heard this before?".

That was fucking amazing.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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