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This story is a sequel to Necromancy and You: An Idiot's Guide

After accidentally summoning a demon from Tartarus by using the wrong kind of olive oil, all Twilight wants to do now is relax with her close friend Starlight whilst attempting to bowl. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I mean, they have plenty to talk about, like how Starlight destroyed Equestria... Several... Times...

This is going to be a long day.

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Although the end bit was a tiny bit weak - not to mention it sort of calls for a more solid conclusion -, I liked it. Specially when seeing it being built. Yes, I'm biased without end, but even if this maintains itself unknown, you're still a good writer to me. Way more clear and cohese than I am, I know that. So keep the good work. Please?

So you finally started writing now? :trollestia:

7767785 :moustache: After 9 years in development...

The chapter title had me think of this...

Only it should've been. Twilight it's your student, why don't you take me bowling? XP. I like his little short story, it's fun enough, and doesn't ask too many questions, or take itself too seriously :twilightsmile:

2 things come to mind:
-a chapter in the story "MLP time loops" where Twilight gets revenge on the Sirens by arranging for them to wind up in Starlight's town and being brainwashed...
-and this video:

Starlight, for her part, simply backed away from Twilight. An angry alicorn is an alicorn you don’t want to be near, after all.

A wise decision.

Hey, dude, what's up? It's VikingOtaku6 from 2018! How's that Demon Summoning license treating ya?

Aria: Just stay away from those three. The big one keeps talking about Vietnam, the guy with the goatee is involved in some kidnapping scheme, and Donny is just....Donny. Nopony cares about Donny.

Maybe in 2018 when I finally decide to write again.


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