It's likelier than you think.

Cover Art by jhayarr23

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I came for the totally platonic Startrix.
I wasn't expecting this well-blended smoothie of Borderlands, Mad Max, etc.

Such vivid words... And they just kept coming.
This was an experience to read.
Thanks for sharing.

Proof that even the disjointed dumpster-fire that is the movie adaptation interpretation of Mortal Engines can be improved with guzzoline, leather pants, and codpieces.

And ponies.

I know that much without having read the book.

Most Gamestop employees are minimum wagers who won't bother to ask which one you need!”

Having shopped at Gamestop many times over the last 15 or so years, I can recall a time when employees cared and tried to make sure that their customers were happy, and a time when they didn't. Though I can't really pinpoint when they switched between those two states, I do know it's why I no longer buy from Gamestop.

“Assuming that they're still open!”

“Are you kidding?! It's the apocalypse! They at least have curb-side surface!”

Nothing made me laugh like reading that Gamestop was trying--and utterly failing--to pass itself off an "essential business" during quarantine shutdowns in a bid to cash in all of those people staying home now. It must eat their owners something fierce that Steam and other digital platforms are cashing in right now.

Good man.

"...luxurious womb of chill..."


This is what i call my apartment now.

This is a thing.


Are you okay

I highly approve of all of this except Ponies being cat-sized. They're at least the size of large dogs: if a small child cannot ride on them, then we have lived and died and struggled in vain.

I didn't know what to expect with those tags. I certainly didn't expect to get what I got, fourth wall busting and all.


Ten jiny, ten svlastni, dobry.


I mean warhammer has orc tech which runs on WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR powa so this isn't that far fetched.

This is how Warhammer 40k Chaos actually works.

This. I like this

Karmicuddling is a bitch mare two mares.

I loved this.

This is like, the HIGHEST quality shitpost, and I absolutely fucking LOVE IT:trollestia::pinkiecrazy::heart::moustache:

Just the socks or the jackets. Both at once was far to much.

Mortal Engines would make an excellent Pony crossover if done right.

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