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I'm not afraid of you. You are just another one of those who kill bodies. At least, that's what you became.

But still, you can't kill a soul. Especially the one that came alive in you.

Contains a lot of heartbreak and dark themes including acts of violence told in flashback form.
Cover art is by Silviasilvar on DeviantArt.

Amazing reading done by Sparrow9642!

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Just the title alone confuses me.

One of the best works on this site I've ever read. I am begging for a sequel to this from Twilight's view.

Give this horse what they want, they seem to have the right of things here.

Not a fan of TwiShy but it was really heart touching and disturbing in a good way... Kinda reminded me of my brake up with my girlfriend. It was all the same except that no one of us had depression and no one resorted to violence

I have immense love for this story. There's always that charm of which TwiShy carries and I love the route that you took with this, in a way of creating that tension and subversion what is thought of with these two and their dynamic. It gives light on the fluffiness that sparked in the start and the slow progression, and that really hit me ahh. The emotions are strong in here and are excellently conveyed. I really love this a lot and if I will definitely read your other stories when I'm able to handle them heh. You know what you're doing, this is excellently heartbreaking, and really moving. I'll definitely keep up with your stories

OH YES, and just how this ends off really strikes a chord and JUST OVERALL FLUTTERSHY'S THOUGHT PROCESS THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE ORDEAL, WITH HER REVELATIONS ON LOVE. The violence, the anger, the love, it's so powerful through this. Really, so much love for this, and anything involving these two I always love with the execution. Beautiful and lovely. I love stories that give you longing for wondering how it will continue and sparking that imagination of "what now," going from "what happened." Ahh, so much love I can't. The title is also brilliant and I love the meaning behind it! :heart::heart:

Here it is, many months later and public! Enjoy!

...Woah. That...THAT is powerful. I have so many questions, but at the same time, with just the emotion you conveyed and the words you used, they don’t matter.

10/10. Just...10 out of freaking 10. I’d honestly like to see Twilight’s perspective.

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