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I'm a Goddess from another place, but call me Frosty~ Have a nice day everyone :D


WARNING: Major character death. If you are not fine with that, please turn away, now.

I will do anything to fix my mistakes.

No pony will miss me when I'm gone.

But even if I leave, I will not let the Princess Of Friendship follow me.

She deserves so much better.

The last scene was inspired by this song. Other song lyrics are purely made up, anything similar to a real song is purely by coincidence.

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Comments ( 14 )

Man that was depressing!! If I wasn’t in public, I’d cry. Great story :)

HOLY CRAP GREAT STORY! Giving it its first like. I think its the first, but what do I know? :raritywink:

Sorry, I don't buy it.

Well, that made me cry a bit ;)

I choked on my tea when I clicked on the song. No offence, I'm sure that people like this, but a scene inspired by Evanescence is a sigh.

Not a fan of sad fics though, enjoy your depression!

TwiStar= Best Ship

Not sure when or why the internet's apparent hatred and contempt for Evanescence came from personally. I've generally outgrown them since high-school, but I can still appreciate them just fine.

Sure the songs and band itself are kinda emo, but the lyrics are powerful, and the singing is generally somewhere between inoffensive-pleasing to the ear. (Not a good representation in the link IMO though. I hate recordings of live performances, they generally suck audio-wise.)

Thinking back, I guess some of their music videos would be a bit cringy to watch again now, but that's just me maturing past that stage of life really, not because they're objectively bad, in my opinion.

Starlight could go back in time and warn Twilight about what is going to happen. Then Twilight could prepare herself to avoid this outcome when she changes Starlight.

Starlight still has the ability to time travel, even without the scroll.

Twilight can go I to the past and warn herself to prevent this outcome.

Hmm. Well it's a short story.

Starlight = Future Best Princess,

I don't know whether to dislike because Unworthy Alicorn Startard Glimtard, or like because she dies.

Ah look. Another pathetic Starlight hater. Why do people like you even watch MLP. Everything you say prooves you learn nothing from the show. Seriously, you are the worst kind of human being.

Starlight has definitely proven her worth and has become one of the best characters.

Nightmare Moon was jealous have how ponies slept through her night, praised her sister, and ignored her.

Discord just wanted to amuse himself.

Queen Chrysalis wanted to feed her hive. And maybe just take over the world.

Tirek wanted all the magic, likely dooming the planet as I doubt he cares about the day/night cycle, ponies would starve because they were so reliant on earth pony magic to farm, and pegasi...I guess ponies like the flower sisters would die of a heart attack at 'wild' storms.

Starlight...wanted to remove Cutie Marks because her childhood friend moved away. :facehoof:She time traveled to the Sonic Rainboom to prevent the Mane 6 from stopping her plans, HEEDLESS OF THE ABOVE FUCKING EVENTS! Her time travel plan didn't truly come together until Twilight told the story of how they all got their Cutie Marks.

I can tolerate a lots of things in villians, in all my media I can swallow a lot of things, except at least one thing:Abject Stupidity. Her line about "Why are your friendships so important?!" rubbed me the wrong way, and turned a decent villain into Spongebob Squarepants.

Yes, the world at large seems rather ignorant of the Mane 6. No, I don't have an answer for how Starlight is ignorant of Tirek. But I REFUSE to believe that Starlight could research her targets so extensively without learning about their fight against Nightmare Moon, or Discord, or Tirek.

I won't say she's the reason I stopped watching MLP. I got through the first 4 episodes of season 6 before calling it quits. The Pinkie Pie episode was the only good episode, and I HATE Pinkie Pie! I've thought about going back, but hearing about how the fcus is on Startard making things worse because magic!...(Flurry Heart was great and cool and all that. Where I get off is when you expect me to beleive that SOMEHOW the Crystal Heart provides climate control. Uh, yeah. How the FUCK did the Crystal City survive the north through Sombra's reign?! When it came back and before Cadance and Shining Armor could get aboard the train!?!?

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
John 15:13
One of the most favorited passages of Marines and firefighters. This story fits that passage perfectly.

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