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Ever since the day I've lost them, I vowed to keep this to myself forever. This secret shall be mine to guard, and mine alone.

But one little event messed everything up, and now the only creatures I can call my family knows everything about my past.

What they didn't know is that I didn't lie to them, but neither was I being completely honest.

This is just an experiment on one of my newly found OTPs and after I saw the incredibly heart-crushing past of this little griffon from the newest episode ;w;
Cover art is by Yomitai on DeviantArt!

A/N: Holy Celestia this reached 1k views?! Thank you all so much I love you <3

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Comments ( 14 )

Okay as much as I like Occellus and as much as I don't know if I like or dislike Sandbar seriously, at this point he is probably forever gay in my mind and I like that shipping.

I gotta say, this is some top-grade GallBar shipping right here! As a fellow gay Pony/Gryphon shipper, I just wanna give you my personal kudos for writing such an emotional and sweet oneshot. Well done! :)

Amazing!!! I love this ship.

I ship it :3

Highbar shipping here. Now I just want to give Gallus a hug.

Oh! It's you again! :pinkiehappy:

And although Sandbar was not anything like Professor Applejack, he wasn't dumb enough to buy it.

yes I still don't believe in lie detector Applejack.

Well it was not bad, maybe the one-shot is ruining it a bit for me, but it is not the best I had read so far. However it is not bad, but not what really get's me or how you say it.

I'm sorry if the one-shot wasn't much to your taste, but then again you're right, I'm definitely not the best writer here and this will definitely not be the best shipfic you've read on this site. I normally keep my stories as one-shots due to a lack of motivation and my tendency to procrastinate. Thank you for reading anyway~ :twilightsmile:

This is such a heartfelt and sweet, sad story! The way you made Gallus actually loose his parents when young gave me all sorts of angsty feels :pinkiesad2: I especially loved the touch of Sandbar giving Gallus a necklace of his cutie mark, and Gallus giving Sandbar a feather of his. Just, gaaugh, so cute!!

If I had to give constructive criticism, it'd have to be on the part where Gallus says that he wished that he hadn't flown away and died with his parents. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that sounded like a very suicidal type of line, which I think is very bold to add to Gallus's character. My problem is that I think Sandbar didn't seem affected enough by it? He was supportive and clearly upset, but I think he should be more upset hearing that a best friend has wanted to be dead for so long, especially because Gallus is more than a best friend to him in this. But I think that's my only problem. I really liked the rest of the ideas that you had for this, they give all of the right feels ❤

I really enjoyed this, it was so sad but also so cute!


The backstory makes me want to cry because it makes so much sense...but then the love makes me smile. This is an amazing story. :twilightsmile:

I just want to say, this was an amazing read! The story made me want to cry and it felt so real. You did a very great job on the characterization. I felt that the emotion was on point. While Gallbar may not be my favorite ship(TwiLuna is best ship), I really enjoyed reading this.

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