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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


Big Macintosh and Caramel are asked to come to the Ponyville Schoolhouse one day to discuss a picture book that Apple Bloom made for a class project. The story is about how her big brother Mac, and her Uncle Cara, are both secret agents. On the surface, the story itself seems innocent enough. But when Cheerilee asks the two to read what's inside, the couple get a lot more than they expected...

Huge nod to HoodwinkedTales for providing the cover. If you want to check out more of her work or ask about commissions, check out her DeviantArt account here.

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I always imagined Mac as more of a power bottom, to be honest.

This was every funny, I loved it:rainbowlaugh:

Funny and a bit heartwarming. Great work as ever, VClaw.

Really, really enjoyed this. Apple Bloom's youthful ignorance was played up just enough without being unbelievable, the moments captured were hilarious, and the ending was such a feel-puller. Great job, friend. :ajsmug:

For the first half, I could hear Yakko Warner blowing a kiss saying, "Goodnight everybody!"

Oh my... Should put a a warning about this story, because it will nearly kill you wth laughter.

Big Mac and Caramel reading AB's story:

Me reading AB's story:

I haven't laughed this hard in so long. Thank you for making this.

Christ, I can't help but say that this story was adorable and hilarious. Though I'm kind of convinced you're trying to one-up me in the present giving department. I think in a few years time we'll just be writing novels for each other.

I think Apple Bloom is old enough. She really needs "the talk".

That escalated quickly. But it de-escalated adorably.

Fantastic use of the sauce to deliver an on-point message. I loved this! Well done.

This was really hilarious and super adorable!~ :eeyup:

So this is canon with Brushed Away?


Yes it is. Even though I didn't originally intend for Caramac to be a thing in the Brushed Away universe, I decided to make it a thing after becoming boyfriends with Stormbutt.

Very cute. I love the way you wove the humor in with the sincere affection, and you handled Mac and Bloom's relationship really well (did you and Storm Butt collab on these?). Great work!


Actually, this story was a surprise for him! He knew I was writing a story for his birthday, but I didn't tell him what it was about.

The last line killed me. If you read the autopsy it'll say 'asphyxiation' but that's total crap! I died from laughter and the world must know!

Very cool when stuff like that works out. I'm sure he loved the story. I know I did!

This was really funny and really sweet! You rock, good job man!

I laughed pretty hard at 'Power Bottom'. Very funny and sweet story. :raritywink:


oh dear god that was the funniest thing i've read in a long time (especially because I'm slightly tipsy). The last part of applebloom's story was sweet though.

Ew, gay :rainbowlaugh:

And now without joking, this was a pretty sweet read. I'm not one to read m/m fics, but I don't mind a nicely written one regardless of the pairing style.
And this was nice. Funny and later, fluffy as well. Good job, a thumbs up well deserved :twilightsmile:

Oh, the childish innocence.

Power Bottom!

I don't want to know what that special move could possibly look like. It's a real terror to all the baddies, I'm sure.

This was adorable~

This was hilarious, as well as heart-warming. Gud job

All I can think about is how Caramel has 3 front legs in the cover art. :rainbowlaugh:

“So? It ain’t like any kids are around.” A thought crossed Mac’s mind to make him snicker lowly, and he turned back to Caramel to add, “An’ it ain’t like we haven’t done riskier things back on the farm--”

“SSHHH!!” Caramel looked towards the school worriedly, hoping none of those windows were open. “C’mon, I don’t want her to hear us!”



The story contains just the right mix of a child's innocence and the resulting adorable and embarrassing scenes.


If you're referring to the space on the right, I think that's just his raised shoulder next to his neck.

7509390 He has 2 hooves by his face so he can gasp and he has one holding the book.

Another TheVClaw victory. You write such consistently enjoyable M/M works. You should be a national treasure. :heart:


No, the two hooves holding the book are both Mac's.

7509468 One leg is brown like Caramel though.

Both of the hooves holding the book up are the same color cdn-img.fimfiction.net/story/0l3r-1471964422-343513-full

VClaw, this story actually made me tear up a little bit, I could practically see the pictures and if I had any talent with drawing, I'd try recreating those mental images. This really was a sweet story, and really made my day. Keep up the awesome work, V!


Stopped by because I saw Hoodwinked's work. Love it :heart:

7509747 Oh! He's reaching from the bottom! I get'cha. I thought each one was reaching around to the back of the book. The parts of their lower body that are visible on each side of the book looked like their legs going up to the hooves.

That was cute. :ajsmug:

OML,I LOVE STORM BUTT, HOW KAWAII!!!!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

The LOLs have been doubled!

Between this and other stories, we are in deep need of an anthology of Cherilee's conferences with other student guardians. There is so much material for a long series of one shots to expand the Brushed Away universe.

And not just 'mommy's rocketship' revelations; Dinky bringing a live Dalek Blaster for show and tell, Berry Punch getting an intervention after Ruby Pinch explained to Cherilee why she smelled of 'barley water' one day, Mayor Mare being confronted with how she keeps taking bribes to overlook ponies not having their permits in order (Brushed Away 1), the story fodder is endless.

(P.S. Awwwwwwwww)

the cover killed it:rainbowlaugh:

I felt the same way!

... I KNOW I read this before. Why hadn't I rated and favorited it yet?

Ah well, done now. And so damn adorable.

This was so funny and very cute.:twilightsmile::eeyup:

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