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I'm a gay nutjob that writes whatever weird ideas come to his head. I like M/M ships, odd pairings, zombies, and drinking. I also hope to be a contestant on Survivor one day.


[NOTE: This is a Rumble/Spike ship. Also, both characters are aged up for this story]

Thunderlane wanted to be happy that his little brother found someone. He really did.

Ever since Rumble hit puberty, the Pegasus wanted him to find a special somepony to make him happy. And when his brother wanted him to meet who he was dating, Thunderlane was planning to be cool and courteous like a big brother should.

Unfortunately, that sorta went out the window when he saw that Rumble was with his old foalhood friend, Spike. And since Spike was still at his "baby" size, Thunderlane was more than a little uneasy about their relationship.

Major thanks to Dragonman461 for proofreading.

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...welp that happened.

From now on, I'm just going to link a Ninja Sex Party song that fits well enough with each thing you upload, whether it be a chapter or a story.

So enjoy one of the greatest songs ever.

Also this was so fun to read and I laughed to the point where it was physically painful to breathe.

You know, one line in this story makes me consider it a sorta sequel to where Twilight walks in on Spike and Rumble kissing. I'd send you the link to the story itself, but I've forgotten the name. Think it was by Arwhale though.

Lol, this was a really comedic scenario. I like it very much yes :twilightsmile:


You mean Spike Comes Out? Because I read that story before, and it was pretty good.

Although, I don't consider this story to be a sequel to that one. For one thing, Spike is in a larger form in that story. Plus, I think it was implied in that one that Thunderlane already knew of the two.

Ya never cease to entertain me, regardless of what crazy scenario you come up with


Oh my gosh, that was hilarious. I actually really enjoyed this! :pinkiehappy:

Really enjoyed this. RumvleSpike is an old favorite of mine for some reason. Just lots of really cute ideas spring from it. This was heartfelt, funny, and just all around fun story.

Out of instinct, Rumble pointed a hoof at Spike and blurted out, “It was his idea.”

That's good Rumble, throw your boyfriend under the bus.

“No, I was the one eating lunch! You just sucked on a banana for thirty minutes while staring at me!”


“What was I supposed to do!?” asked Spike with both claws raised. “I wasn’t really able to say much to her with the ball-gag in my mouth!”


“... Do you know where my lube is?”

:facehoof: Why would you ask him that?

This was a great story. There is a small part of me that would like to see the prequel where Twilight walks in on Spike and Rumble.

This was a lot more serious than I expected, with good characterization and story telling on all sides, from Thunderlane to the references to Twilight. The humour and comedy was well placed throughout it all too. I'm surprised Rumble got off with a near miss with the images of what she walked in on the comments shaped :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: That last line! He had to be fucking with TLane right?

:rainbowderp: I do hope Rumble is the bottom though. As much as I'm fine with two consenting beings of age doing whatever they like to each other in their free time, I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of Spike bottoming.

Funny fic!


There is a small part of me that would like to see the prequel where Twilight walks in on Spike and Rumble.

luckily for you, there is a fic like that.

Spike Comes Out

Yes. Just yes! I could not approve anymore than I do already! I just really want to see more of this! This is so cute :rainbowkiss:

This story in a nutshell:

Rumble: "Tis is mah husbando!" *Pushes Spike forward*

Thunderlane: "U disgust meh"

Rumble: D:

Rarity is so fabulous and hot she can make gay stallions straight for her.

7287114 ball gag?

Sorry, spike was totally on bottom that time.

Which explains why Twilight freaked out as much as she did.

That was disastrously adorable.


Thanks for the laughs. That was an awesome little story for a ship that needs more love.

Steve approves of this story!

While I find RumbleSpike to be a VERY odd ship, this was a very adorable and hilarious story.

Can we get a little BDSM story out of this? I want to know how kinky they get. ;3

Thunderlane: "Look just give me a minute, okay? This is a lot for me to take in."

Spike: "Yeah, I know what you mean!"

Thunderlane: "THAT ISN'T HELPING!"


:rainbowlaugh: This story was hilarious! I'd love to see a sequel with this pairing. They're so cute together!

wlam #29 · Jun 11th, 2016 · · 2 ·

Size Shouldn't Matter

Well, it does.

“Yes, really,” said the dragon. As he leaned back in his spot on the couch, Spike chuckled timidly when he continued in a rant towards himself. “I mean, I guess it’s not surprising how freaked out she got. I mean, Twi raised me my whole life, and she’s one of the closest things I have to a Mom. After all the time I spent gushing over Rarity, I guess I can’t blame her for being surprised I was gay, let alone sexually ac--”


Spike does know that there's such a thing as bisexuals, right?

...Or is he supposed to be one of those really annoying people that insist that bisexuals doesn't exist?

There is only one word in my vocabulary that can describe this. Hilarious!


Pretty sure he explains it as him always being gay, but was attracted to Rarity. Something Rumble also admits too, funnily enough. Sort of like the exception that proves the rule kind of deal. Hetero or Homo, a lot of people probably have at least one person they'd "switch sides" for (metaphorically speaking, I'm not trying to imply sexualities have sides)

This gave me a good gut busting laugh. Haven't had one of those in a while so good job.


7294117 Depends on where you want it


Dear god, they just kept making that worse and worse didn't they.

I don't know how Spike does it, boy's a trooper.

You just sucked on a banana for thirty minutes while staring at me!”

I hope I didn't wake my neighbors with my laughing.

oh sweet celestia:trollestia: above I love this! i could barely breath I was laughing so hard!!:rainbowlaugh:

7432039 Damn he a trooper.:moustache:

Very good wish to see an actual scene tho

”HEY!!!” snapped Rumble in an instant bout rage. “Don’t you DARE try to assume anything like that! I know he might be different from me physically, but that gives you NO RIGHT to call me a bucking fillyphile!”

First, technically you are~

Second of all: DUDE, it’s not so BAD, trust me. Just leave the haters with their hate, and live without worrying about these worthless pricks. :twilightsmile:

This fanfic is great so far, to say the least. Well-written, ‘immersive’, I had lots of fun reading it.

Now, I shall continue my reading. I’ll be back ;)


First, technically you are~

No he isn't. Rumble and Spike are the same age in this story.

Also, I'm glad you enjoy this fic. I just wanted to make that detail clear, since it's kind of a big point of why I wrote it.


From the “number” point of view, then. My bad, I just considered the biological point.

It’s just that it doesn’t really mean anything inherently BAD, but I got to understand that it wasn’t what everyone thought.

Anyway, I finished the story, and DEAT GOSH IS IT GOOD! I don’t really read a lot of Rumbike (I don’t believe there’s a lot), and this one was proof that we need more of those two, at least from you! So I will only say that I really wish you the best, and that you’ve gotten yourself a new sub. :twilightsmile:

Well, I have plenty of other Spike-related fics if you're interested. Thanks for the kind words and positive feedback. ;)

somebody needs to do a dramatic reading of this! This was really good!

I love this so much!:rainbowlaugh:

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