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I am an aspiring writer, romance enthusiast, and a horrible over emotional mess. If you're here I hope you like homosexual stallions. If you enjoy my work and want to support me I have a Ko-Fi!


When winter's thaw comes at last, we all learn to move with the tide of the melted snow. We learn to continue our lives from what we once had before time had stopped the best that we can. For better or for worse, we follow the flowing water wherever it might take us.

Following the events of "Melting Snow", Caramel and Big Macintosh continue to explore the depths of their relationship, the two growing closer with each passing day. The days feel short, spring approaching as the seeds of the apple fields are planted one by one, roots sprouting as they firmly plant themselves comfortably into the new soil, ready to sprout and explore the world.

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I've been waiting so long for this story; I can't wait to read it!

"Steed" doesn't mean "horse". It means "animal being ridden". And it rather sounds as if that wasn't Mac...

5366083 Well, I like to use something different from stallion to show the difference between Mac and Caramel's size. I had this pointed out like a dozen times in Melting Snow, but it was already sort of a staple and... honestly I'm not sure how to change it at this point.

Workhorse, draft or dray pony, or cob would be good descriptors. If he gets in a fight he might be a destrier.

5366240 Honestly I just really wanted 2000 words

Well, that was awesome. Did you do much proof reading? There were a few mistakes I noticed. Nothing too big, but they were there. Still an amazing chapter and I look forward to reading the rest of the story. Just wanted to point out the spelling mistakes. 9/10 Would read again. -IGN

5366282 No, I'm really bad at proof reading and am finding it difficult to get people to do it for me since a lot of friends don't care about MLP anymore. It's a little frustrating feeling bad about a scene and being unable to know why.

5366288 I'll be more than happy to proof read it for you. In fact, it'll be my honour to proof read such a master piece as this.

Speech marks needed at the start of the paragraph and the last sentence is missing 'I' from 'aren't I'.

You’re gonna get sick, Mac.” Caramel grumbled, realizing Big Macintosh had managed to squirm out of his covers in his sleep. The stallion reached down to pull the blankets up over the large stallion, the other’s mouth falling open as he curled up further. "I'm turning into Sage aren't?"

Mac Macintosh? :eeyup:

"That's good." Caramel muttered, staring at Mac Macintosh as the stallion's body rose and fell.

Other than that, I can't notice any more mistakes and I've read it through a few times.

I just saw this in the 'Popular Stories' box. I'm betting it'll be featured soon. Very soon.

5373759 ha, doubt it. Gay ponies are popular in a small subsection.

5374230 That is true. I've never enjoyed stories with loads of gay ponies, but I enjoy ones with only one or two gay couples.

How hard can I scream 'yes'? Well you're about to find out! YYYYEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!! :yay:

I love how you're writing Big Macintosh as such a little flirt. That's all.

I love the interaction Mac and Caramel have, it's so adorable and sweet

If you want a proofreader or an editor, I'd be happy to volunteer. I don't think I'm the best, but I'm sure I can help.

This story really is the definition of "Slice of life".



-edit- sorry I was drunk and I was playing with the fonts and stuff

“Braeburn’s like me, ain’t he? Had a few boyfriends past few years.”

Why do I have the feeling that Braeburn is going to be super excited he's no longer the only gay guy at the family reunion?

Holy crap! It's alive!

(At least this is going off my graveyard list. :pinkiehappy:)

Glad you're continuing it. Can't wait to see what's next.

Back from the dead, I see. Now keep it alive for us fans, mmkay?

-cocks a shotgun-

I used to be a griifon, I can change back to threaten you whenever I want, more chapters

The shower scene reminded me of when my ex and I showered together. Love this story, thanks for the update!

Your stories are so enjoyable, it's too bad most of them will remain unfinished.

Can we talk about how it's been more than a year since you told us not to talk about how it's almost been a year since this updated? Cuz more please?

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