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It's Hearts and Hooves Day, and Big Macintosh has been forced into a rather fancy getup that... truth be told doesn't fit him in the slightest. While waiting for his lover, Caramel, to come to the bar they're having dinner at, he runs into Troy and Canvas, Ponyville's seemingly most popular couple. They have a small talk regarding Mac's feelings on just how genuine the holiday feels, and more importantly how it doesn't feel like him and Caramel.

Bit of a crossover and a surprise for TheVClaw this valentines day.

Cover art a commission from a friend awhile back (VividSyntax) by BNG.

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My god my two favorite ships!!! :pinkiehappy: This is absolutely adorable! I'm sure your bf will love this!:heart:

For a one shot, that was... adorable. It was short, sweet, and a touch funny all the while. So... have an up vote on my part (along with a few other things).

I... I have no words...

Okay, I have a few. This is fantastic! You captured Troy and Canvas perfectly, and I love that you made this kind of sweet and lovey-dopey surprise.

Best. Valentines. Ever!!!

Ahhhh Can't wait to read this tomorrow :3

Too cute...

Going to explode...



Really sweet oneshot. Caramel was adorable with Mac



Canvas x Troy....

VClaw x Stormbutt..... :)))))

Aww, that was adorable. And yeah, I"m with Mac on the whole holiday. I find the whole pastiche surrounding Valentine's to be rather disingenuous and cringe-inducing than actually sweet and charming. While none of my relationships have managed to last long enough to reach a Valentines, even if it did I'd be very firmly against doing more than a simple gift and a card.

So glad to see more CaraMac ^^

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