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While helping with a particularly heavy harvest, Caramel is befallen by an accident that temporarily leaves him unable to work. Numerous emotions of guilt and sorrow are brought to the surface, particularly after a somewhat tactless comment from one of Applejack's cousins, and while taking time off to recover from the injury he has sustained, the tan-coated stallion gloomily laments over the misfortunes he has suffered over the years. Luckily for him, Applejack is there to offer her support and remind him that every cloud has a silver lining - as was indeed the case in Caramel's life story...

This story is dedicated to CaramelMLP and DespisedandBeloved of Deviant Art, and to those who lost their lives in the infamous Hyatt Regency disaster in 1981.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 27 )

When will all the other chapters be up?

4823855 I'll probably be uploading only one a day or something of that order, just so I don't overload my other readers.

4823919 alright. I'll place this in the Free Writing Group, if that would be alright with you. I did read the others on DA, and REALLY, YOU LEFT ME IN A CLIFFHANGER?!?!

You did it with both mine and Braeburn's story!

Never mind. :facehoof:

4823927 :ajsmug: All in good time, mate, all in good time. As for placing this in Free Writing, I'm okay with you doing that.

I really like this story so far, keep up the good work and i hope to see another chapter soon!

4823927 :twilightoops: Actually, scratch that about only one chapter a day - I'm off on holiday on Saturday, so I'll probably be better off uploading two a day if I can manage it.

Love this story, not sure why it has so mamy downvotes but keep up the good work

4839151 Ah well. It's early days yet with this fanfic; I'm sure it'll be a lot more popular when the whole thing's published. At least I hope it will...:unsuresweetie:

Ya know what, I'm surprised at the amount of down votes. Good grammar, good conflict, and they all seem to be in-character.

Honestly, it's well-written. :applejackunsure:

4840552 Yeah, I couldn't really find fault with it either, even with a few friends and family to proof-read it and offer their opinion. :rainbowhuh: I guess either some secret group is trying to make it look unappealing in the same way as a few did for Once Bitten, Twice Shy, or they're just jumping to conclusions after having read only the first chapter. I just hope that the Carajack pairing isn't going out of fashion in favour of A.J. x Trenderhoof though.

4844530 I think it is, but there are those of us still interested in this pairing.

4844558 Well that's a mercy. Did you have any success with that picture on Deviant Art, by the way?

4845196 Oh.:ajbemused: I guess he's just gone and ignored my request then. Sorry about that, mate. :fluttershysad:

4845525 I haven't tried, but I'll see what happens

4844530 Oh, not many support TrenderJack, so maybe it was them who was just too lazy to even READ this thing. Honestly, it's good.

Oh, no ship is ever out of favour. :pinkiecrazy:

4847285 You can say that again, after all my years hanging in this fandom, I STILL ship Applejack and Caramel..... okay maybe I'm also starting to ship Thunderlane and AJ too.... um, I blame "The Weight of Responsibility" for that.

Believe me when I say this but, it's pretty unusual to see SUCH FEW likes and faves in this story, it's so FREAKING well-written. I guess people don't like to ship Caramel and AJ anymore :applecry: I mean SERIOUSLY?! Only 6 likes, I refuse to accept this as a FACT! You really deserve more likes than THAT, man. You also deserve more watchers and faves.

So yeah, to quote Lucky Clover in Chapter 11 "You're actually looking at one such survivor right now" and by survivor, I mean a "CaraJack" survivor :twilightsheepish: Keep doing what you're doing.

4849400 :twilightsmile: Thanks, mate. That means an awful lot to me. You'll want to find out how Lucky Clover was involved, I take it? :pinkiehappy:

More please! Very well written and I love the idea you have here, and now I still really want to see Applejack's reaction to what Discovery said. He might want to run before she even hears it

4849498 You bet! In fact, I'm reading the next chapters now. It feels nice to see that NOT EVERYONE abandoned CaraJack :pinkiehappy:

I Like The Story, *tips fedora*. Gr8 job m8 "8/8 It's Okay." - IGN.

To be honest, you should have put in some mention that Caramel arranged for his mom to be taken care of before he left Manehatten. Other than that, I've been enjoying this story.

Poor Caramel. He tries so hard and even sang about trying to make good for Applejack.

wow, this is the hyatt regency collapse only in equestria. what a terrible way to go

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