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This story is a sequel to 9 Hours Earlier- Prequel of Angel Kisses

Young Applejack comes home, and she has tears in her eyes. When her Granny asks her what is wrong, she learns that on Applejack's first day of school she was bullied by her classmates because of her freckles. Luckily, a certain pony has a cure for tears, and a bandage for broken hearts.

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Overall I thought that this was simply a sweet story that was a pleasure to read. I thought you did a good job with the accent and I couldn't find any errors. Thanks for writing this!

-frost :pinkiesmile:

5629651 No problem! Thank you for reading!

Warm Fuzzies. Warm Fuzzies for all!

seriously though I will kill those ponies who denied her cute freckles:pinkiecrazy:/)
But Sew Cute!

Awwwww, such a sweet sweet story! :pinkiesmile: :yay: :heart:

I would NEVER tease someone for having freckles! I actually only have one freckle, and I have always wished to have freckles spread all across my face. :fluttercry:

Awww, that is soooo Cute! :twilightsmile: I loved how Caramel comforted AJ, and the 'angel kisses' story was adorable! :rainbowkiss: Keep up the good work!

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After reading this, I can say that this is by far the best story. It makes you feel for AJ.

5966757 No problem. If I may ask, how come you left? Was someone or something bothering you? Also It seems the group isn't expanding.

5969109 My parents forced me off after a PM with a user they didn't like… and I might be able to help to group grow a bit.

5969811 Oh? Is the user still bothering you? Would it help if I talked to him (or her)?

For an unedited story, it's not half bad; genuinely brings the d'aaws out. If you'd taken the time to polish it a little bit, it would be fantastic.

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