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Maud and Boulder share a strong bond. But why...? Boulder is just a rock, right?

Written for my amazing friend Striving Scholar for winning first place in my very first Snippets Contest! :pinkiehappy:

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this story made me
rock hard
youve made me a believer again

thnx dad

That is all. Equestria is ours.


Very interesting theory!

7556254 Thank you! However, the credit must go to Dr. Wolf ^D^

7556260 Heh... Thanks. Though I don't own the idea behind the story or the art... I just wrote it :twilightsheepish:

7556273 Modified advertising to reflect this.

7556254 You've been quoted as saying that in our new trade ads for the story!

That is probably the most intriguing headcanon I've ever heard, and you performed it wonderfully! It also adds a side to Maud that isn't often shown in the show. I love it!

That said, I did spot one typo:

what you are stereotyped as doesn't defy who you are.

"define who you are."

7556299 You've been quoted in our new trade ads for the story!

7556299 Thank you!

Ah! I shall fix that. Either that was me or it was autocorrect. Either way, I shall fix it! ^D<

A very nice story that changes perspective on the whole Boulder issue. Glad to see it worked out with the newer episodes.

7556654 Thank you! And yep, I did my best to make sure it fit in. Especially the latest Changeling episode- that one really makes this story make sense! (In my opinion, that is.)

7556258 Wouldn't hangelings be able to survive on ambient love?

7557451 I honestly wouldn't know. I'm just going based off The Times They Are A Changeling. I suppose that they can, but it's more direct and quicker if they feed off of a specific pony. (At least, that's how I interpret it.)

Aww... So sweet! It's fun to see a changeling relationship working out... and to see Maud's gentle side!

Imagining Maud saying all those things in her monotone was a bit of a stretch on the imagination though.

7558932 I imagined her to have the monotone because of Boulder, hence why she appears to be so weak when she's really strong. Plus, she said all of those nice things to Pinkie in her Season 4 appearance. ^_^ Glad to see you still enjoyed it!

7558007 Oh.

Why hasn't anyone written a story about some A-Hole pony like Blueblood who finds his metaphorical heart of gold and tries to help the Evil Queen Chrysalis run a brothel?

"Boulder... Boudler, where are you?" Maud called to the air

Oops? how'd that happen?:twilightblush: Fix it, perhaps?

7563754 Oops! Typo! Thank you for pointing that out!

Aww, an interesting theory regarding Maud's expression and monotone.
GAHK... Headcanon accepted! :heart:

Nice job, I approve!

7564956 Quite welcome!
Keep it up!

Brilliant story, fascinating idea for explaining a character, loved it. Pretty much now accepted as headcanon :twilightsmile:

No oooooo! Somebody got too this premise before I could! And I love it to!

For some weird reason, at Dr. Wolf's video, the URL sends me to this fic and not yours

This would certainly explain why "Boulder" is so amazing at Camouflage. For him and Maud, it really IS a game of true camouflage, and definitely more intense and harder than hide and seek. "Find the changeling" would definitely be a massive challenge without using revealing magic. Perhaps when "he" first met the other ponies and played the game with them, he actually WAS somewhere besides Maud's pocket, but she found him first, if only to avoid them knowing he was a changeling.

I adore this premise. Can we get some Maud/Boulderling love? Maybe see if Boulder accepted the transformation like Thorax and started GIVING Maud his love instead of taking it. We might see happy Maud!:derpytongue2:

7746627 I might write a sequel, but I'm still unsure. Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Author Interviewer

Well. Okay then.

I am totally down with this.

An interesting theory. I prefer Maud as just an outwardly-blank totally normal pony myself, but this certainly isn't a headcanon I'd opposed to seeing.

7764760 *Fangirls* :pinkiehappy: You commented on my storyyyyyy :yay:

Heh. Nicely done. I like stories where there's more to Maud beneath the surface. And ones where there's an unusually clever changeling twist (as in not the majority of the "who's a changeling?" fics out there).

Author Interviewer

So did Moriarty and Pascoite, gosh. :O

The fic that has been so hyped since it was released- mostly by Dr. Wolf's reading, I'll admit -that I nearly busted a blood vessel in anticipation since I was always too busy, and I finally got to read it!

My view?
I like it. Honestly didn't see the twists coming, as I anticipated another backstory entirely. It was good. :twilightsmile:

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