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Apple Bloom swore she saw Babs Seed's eye color change during the Apple Family Reunion, and she demands explanations. They may be just a little bit...stranger than she thought.

My attempt at creating either the perfect fixfic or the perfect fixfic parody.

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This was perrrrrfect!!!


Glad you thought so. It only took me two days to write, so I had some doubts about its quality.


I like it.

This was... odd.

I Think that is a brilliant idea you got from a Animation Error. About the Accent, Good Thing bab' s not travor

I think it's funny and curious writing a story about an error and find it a solution that makes sense.


Honestly, it just came to me randomly after a fixfic irritated me again. I'd already had this idea for an IRL novel character who absorbed people's magic and would gain the eye color of the last person she did it to, and somehow seeing Babs with Apple Bloom's eye color just sparked similar ideas. (Much less eldritch in this fic's case, much more of a mysterious medical condition you learn to live with.)

I don't know why, but I find something morbidly fascinating about the idea of staring at a person, only to find they have your exact eyes.

I’ll amsir that is a clever “fix” for sure. How do animator even mix up eyes anyway

Huh! That’s actually kinda cool

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