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Schrodinger's Pony


In a world much like we know, another family has the throne. Applejack, crowned Princess of Equestria, is having a really bad day, and it isn't helped when every single member of the Apple Family happens to be an Alicorn.

An entry for Slippy's Royalty Collab.

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Comments ( 51 )

I lost it at Big Fall :eeyup:

This sounds like some real crazy-ass shiz. It's gonna be a fun read. :)

Role reversal fic? Color me interested!

wat :applejackconfused:

Commence read!!! :flutterrage::yay:

Now THIS is what an alternate uinverse should look like!:eeyup:

often donated large tracts of land for them to farm on.

huge, even! :rainbowlaugh:


“Manehatten almost burned down. Completely.”


“It was a triangle.”


this just made my day :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

all of this just made my week, weekend, and possibly the entire month of April.
Coincidence? I think not :trollestia::ajsmug::yay::facehoof:

That's how Super Seedy Cider Squeezy 6000 should have ended. This made my day, Great Job.

Summerjack is Best Princess.

I was skeptical at first, but reading this was more than worth my time. All kinds of funny. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh::raritywink::twilightsmile::trollestia::heart:

Oh my god, Spring Bloom! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Awesome fic, made me chuckle quite merrily!

So worth the read... So I read it twice.

Nice job.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What did my brain just experience? :applejackconfused:


Da, is't funny.

Will there be a sequel? or more stories based in this universe? Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

Now we need artwork for this!

Hang on... Am I going crazy or is Grandpappy Crabapple a variation of Discord? The line about the yellow and red eyes and gotee make me ask.

.... And that would mean you've TWO Discords in this universe....

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yes. Just... yes.

Nice and crisp shortstory, saying exactly what it needed to.

I have no idea what I've just read, but it seemed glorious, so let's keep it that way, shall we?

“NO!!” Summerjack bellowed. “GET A LIFE ORANGEBLOOD!!”

Ahoooeee!!! :pinkiehappy: Upvote!

This was very fun, an' a great way to get a few puns offa yer chest.

Sweet Merciful Celestia Summerjack, YES!

just TRYING to imagine Applebloom Spring Bloom using the royal Canterlot voice:rainbowlaugh:

Wow, I didn't expect this fic to be so popular!

Thanks, but no sequel. This was a one-shot only. If anyone else wants to write a fic based off this though, go with my blessing, and let me know!

Yup. Discord is just a regular Earth Pony, and the patriarch of the Apple Family in this dimension. He's not as powerful, obviously, but he's still just as devious and mischievious.

I'm glad you all enjoyed this so much!

This got my like. :pinkiesmile: Apart from the fact that it was so many grammar errors here and there, people should definitely give this a good read.


Imagining Applebloom speaking like this had me in tears. :rainbowlaugh:

Good jorb Schrodinger, made me chuckle a few times :ajsmug:

Hey, you. Yeah, you.

Keep doing what you're doing.

excuse me i need to pick up the little peices of my mind now.

oh shit this was awesome

Original, charming, and with definite hints of brilliance.

I give this cider a thumbs up . . . and I'll have another mug. :scootangel:

Well that was fun. :pinkiehappy:


I lost it when Crabapple came onscreen!


HJSDGCE pulls out a barrel with a handle at its side, making it look like a giant mug.

"Cider me.":ajbemused:

(I’m not losing Hayseed, no matter how annoying he is. He’s not even the least annoying member of this family. ) shouldn't that be "He's not even the ->most<- annoying member of this family."? It just seems odd to state that he's not the least annoying.

This whole thing is wonderful. There's all these little touches that show how these characters would do things differently if they had been in those roles. Celestia is still a chessmaster, even if she's an apple-farmer now instead of a princess. Applejack's style of leadership reflects her core values. I also like how the mythological scheme changed to the seasons for this; it makes more sense than keeping the night/day theme.

But by far, the highlight of this is Apple/Spring Bloom. It is simultaneously entertaining and cringe-inducing to imagine that filly with access to the Royal Canterlot Voice. Hers are some of the best lines in this. The triangle is a devious instrument, indeed.

Well done! I heartily approve of this story!

:rainbowlaugh: very enjoyable read.

Just gonna put this here.

I love alternate universe fics like this. You played it to its full potential. Really liked the whole seasons theme you had going with the Royal Apple Family

Oh god...this was hilarious.

I loved it and the surprise for me was just who had AJ's spot in the end.

I can only imagine the opening, "On the 1000th year on harvest day, Sompony is going to help that little alicorn out of that stupid tree"

Oh my god this was delightful

Well, damn. I thought they just mashed Rarity, AJ and RD together into some super pony. Didn't turn a second glance to Moonpie, Crabapple, or Sweet Core.

I also would have preferred an Autumn Macintosh as opposed to Big Fall. Makes him sound like a bigger failure than Orangeblood.

So Discord is a regular Earth pony, well, I'm just glad he's as devious and wise in his own tricky way as he always is.

Sweet Celestia Summerjack, this is AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

2704649 Thats good, did you draw that?

Liked everything except the implication that Big Fall sleeps around... or am I wrong about that?

Summerjack used pushing away the poster Springbloom had shoved in her face as an excuse to perform her breathing exercises.

Springbloom spoke up, anxiously

“It was bad enough when Springbloom got herself trapped trying to get her mane,

Springbloom cried.

“I’m an auntie again!” Springbloom cheered.

Spring Bloom

The element of Loyalty to be specific. She couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she’d had the element of Honesty like Rainbow Dash.


Twilight gasped, and shot looks of betrayel at Sunny and Spike.


All in all a pretty funny AU. I kind of want to see Bloom do the violin and almost destroy Equestria with her horrible skills.


Well think about it. He's an immortal stallion. Chances are that while he doesn't sleep around, that he at least is sexually active with very few dry spells.

So remarries pretty quick after each of his wives die in turn? Might not be what you meant.

Do Equestrian mares even have menopause? They probably do. Maybe he just politely asks Spring Bloom to use her "Youth and Fertile Ground For New Growth" powers on his brides?


I think they might. Well non-alicorns. I mean can you see M!Verse Granny Smith doing the doo at her age? Or popping out young?

But I think that he does remarry quickly after the old one dies. Well maybe not right after, but a good decade or two at least. I mean after a centuries, the lives of a mortal pass by quickly, and being a healthy immortal stallion. I don't know if waiting centuries between lovers is happening.

Oh, I concur on all points. Despite it probably contradicting word from the staff, my personal fanon is that the only reason Celestia isn't married during the period of the show is that she wanted to have more time with Luna for a while after her return so didn't remarry after the last one died. Luna for is still adjusting and/or considers Pipsqueak her leading romantic prospect (after a few thousand years and being a figure of major power 10 to 15 years between first meeting and marriage is not unreasonable).

Good fun and Alicorn AJ is always amusing. Bravo

Second time I read this fic and it's as amazing as the first time. Kinda makes me want to write something inspired by it. Thanks for the wonderful piece. ^^

This deserves to be a universe of its own. It's that hilariously enjoyable.

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