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Each pony in the Mane 6 wakes... to find that they are one of their best friends, although keeping their personalities and colours in their new shape. The six mares must adapt to this new life, but it won't be easy. What will happen if somepony finds the key to Pinkie's dark secret, or Rainbow's stash of Playpony magazines?

Hilarity will ensue, that's what.

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Ah yes the old fashioned body swap story except this time the mane six are techincally still the same but are different species.

Interesting take on swaps. Somewhat short sections though, and seems like I'm reading notes here. Other than that, Shall follow to see what comes.:ajsmug:

Okay, here's what you need to do:

- Space out the paragraphs. It's so much easier to read that way.
- Consistent indents. Either always indent, or never indent. Otherwise it gets really annoying.
- Get an editor. A second opinion can always shed light on the unnoticed grammar mistakes, the developing plot holes, problems with characterization, etc, etc.

Otherwise, this is damn promising. I hope to see more soon.

I smell Discord!:pinkiehappy:


Congrats you did successfully waste ten seconds of my life, other then that interesting story.

Hai. I just wasted ten seconds of your life. *trollface* LOL!
besides that like it.

2256020 Thanks for the ideas - I'll work on that in the next chapter! But I only indent for speech. It's kind of a habit. Three spaces for speech, none for actions.
2256053 Possibly. Or coulda just been Trollestia and Trolluna.

2260205 2260990 2263952 2255842 2255956 Thanks!

2264680 (Ponaygurl)

**Reads fine print at the end of story.**


I saw what you typed out.

What did you type at the bottom?

2267466 Hai. I just wasted ten seconds of your life. *trollface* LOL

2267854 Superly-duperly-wooperly seriously. :pinkiehappy:

2278934 But I'm the author!

2292225 :fluttercry: Why does everybody hate me?

2303237 Oh. That's okay.

Means I warmed up this bunny fire for nothing though.

2307938 Cook pie over the bunny fire.

Comment posted by MythiskalCreature deleted Sep 14th, 2013


I second that motion, too...! :pinkiehappy:

2324151 that is the wrong bunny.

You fugged up the size at the end 8)

When will the next chapter be done

Dash just reverted to generation 3

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