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In the past, Sunset Shimmer always averted her eyes when Vice Principal Luna spoke to her. All too often, it meant a lecture or some other storm was coming. But, just once, she looks at them long enough to realize the terrible truth.

Making eye contact with your vice principal can be really awkward when you can't stop thinking about how gorgeous her eyes are.

100% innocent awkward teenager humor, 0% teacher-student romance.

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Write them!!!


I liked this story. It hit the right notes of awkwardness to be funny

Please write those stories. I'd love to see more hilarious awkwardness from the girls.

“They are quite the lovely shade of blue. Some people tell me my eyes look like hers, but somehow, when I look in the mirror, they just can’t compare. I almost wish mine were a shade lighter so people could admire them that much.”

Luna's eyes aren't blue.


They are teal (and more towards the green spectrum than blue).

Rarity's eyes are sapphire blue.


Noone would make that mistake in their world.

“Eyes are fickle things,” Rarity continued. “Any number of wardrobe changes could bring them out or dull their power. Every fashionista in the world says that coordinating your clothes to your eye color is the best way to do it. But Luna didn’t happen to be wearing anything blue that day, and I highly doubt there’s any dye in the world that can replicate that gorgeous turquoise shade.”

Again not blue. Yes, turquoise and teal are labeled as a blue-green. But in it's strictest sense, Luna's falls under the green spectrum. Not the blue.

And her skin and hair are shades of blue. Her eyebrows are blue. It doesn't matter that she's not wearing "anything blue" when the only thing not blue about her body is technically her eyes (yes a blue-green. But still within the green spectrum, more than the blue.). Although I will admit most shades of blue would probably look garish on her. If it wasn't for the white color on her shirt, I'd say that wearing purple does compliment her nicely.

Alright ... outside my autistic bit of the eye colors (And Rarity who should know better being color blind). This was a rather nice fic.

write the other ideas please this was GREAT!

That whole first part with the jingle and mock radio ad was just the best thing!

One was its gorgeously artificial self. The other was the flashiest shade of ‘80s orange Sunset had ever seen.


What's wrong with such an eye color?

Illidan had amber eyes and he turned out...wait...:rainbowhuh:

*muffled counting*

Huh, most characters with orange/ amber eyes i know of are actually villains or misguided anti-heroes now that i think on it...:twilightoops:

Write them stories because I enjoyed this one:twilightsmile:

J'aurai aimé une romance entre ces deux la... Dommage mais c'était drôle quand même !


Je suis trés heureuse que tu a aimé cette histoire! C’est basé á une expérience de mon enfance; alors, il n’y pas de romance ici. Juste un petit événement drôle.

Je suis américaine, mais j’ai étudié le français pour assez longtemps, et je le parle couramment. J’ai aussi commencé à étudier l’espagnol sur Internet. Être bilingue, c’est super!

En effet ça doit être bien pratique d'être bilingue 😅 merci de me répondre, cette histoire juste basé sur de l'humour et de la légèreté est tout de même très agréable a lire !

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