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"I should stuff your face in cookie dough and make cute cookies!"


Tired of their rivalry and hatred for one another in Canterlot High, Adagio and Sunset's mothers force them to have a sleepover.

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What if they made out the instant their moms come home?

You got the first like from me!:derpytongue2:

6558481 they could say that they truly bonded

Hmm...from a reader's standpoint, it's pretty good, but unfortunately, I'm a writer, and I can't overlook a few things.
1.) Fix up the grammar a bit. Not too many people know how to properly punctuate, it seems.
2.) Don't rush it. It's a good story, but it could do with a bit more volume, perhaps?
But, as a whole, I give it four stars out of five. Good job there.

"Oh brother..."

Hey! That's MAH LINE !!

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