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It's hard to forgive yourself of past mistakes when you feel like the people you've wronged may still be harboring ill-will toward you. Sunset Shimmer desperately wants to move on with her life, to accept her new friends truly do love her for who she is, but she can't stop thinking about her past. So what do you do when you want to begin a road to healing? You go back to the beginning and find out where it all went wrong, then rebuild the bridges you've burned to bring you to a better future.

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Perusing. Please Standby...

I am interested to see where you take this.

6202325 That picture though...

They told me not to use it but I didn't listen!

Please continue this, it's really good.

Of course Scribes would be fangirling about The Doctor. :raritywink:

This is nice. Much appreciation for the "Doctor Whooves" bit.

Are you planning on touching the subject of Sunset's parents? I've seen stories where they are dead and alive, so I was just curious what you might do.

6720170 Of course! That's been part of her character since she was created.

6720300 Oh yes, definitely. That will come up a few chapters from now. Thank you for the comment!


This won't end well.

“Where's Gallifrey?”

It's in the Constellation of Kasterborous, of course! :facehoof::eeyup::trixieshiftright:

I'm really going to miss reading new pony fics from you, but I'm interested to see the theories you have about the pony-verse. :twilightsmile:

7272708 There aren't many more, just random little ones. The biggest one will come closer to the end of this.

Only Love Can Make You New

I wouldn't know. I've never experienced it.

Also Followed you because you had a cute looking avatar.

7372506 Why thank you. I'll let you know, though, that once this story is completed I will be done with fanfics. At least for awhile. I have to concentrate on the writing I actually get paid for. ^_^

7372515 I'll be over on YouTube working on my new animation then, madam. Good luck on your work, miss Tealove. I wish you well with your literary writings.

"'Tis always stronger to rise I've heard, but call me a coward if you must for I think I'd prefer to never fall"

This was a fun and sweet read, and I wish you the best of luck wherever the wind takes you.

7391303 Thank you so very much!

*stands and applauds*

A pleasure to read from start to finish. I like how you brought Sunset's redemption full circle through mending old wounds as well as finding a new purpose in her life and linking that with her transformations in "My Past Is Not Today" and "Friendship Games" was a nice touch. I'm sad to see you leave the world of MLP fiction, but I look forward to your published works! :twilightsmile:

7408272 Thank you very much! I tried to incorporate as much as I could from the EQG world without making it over-saturated by it. I'll admit, I'm a bit sad to be leaving this part of my writing journey behind as well, but I know it's the right thing to do.

I like it. I would say it seems odd Sunset wouldn't visit one last time.

The idea that Sunset doesn't have plans to try and find a spell of her own. Or make an artifact of her own to get back there to visit to me is laughably funny. Of course she does. For now she knows her friends will understand she has obligations and needs to stay here for a while. Her original home. But I think in her heart, and in everyone who's known her. She will pursue every avenue to get back there. For her friends though this time and not just solely for power.
I knows this is a good storybook type ending though. lol. But realistically. Especially with her new increased power as an Alicorn. It's something I know i'd pursue in my free time. And I know she would too. Especially as she says she's more of a hands on scientist type versus Twilight's strictly researcher study method.

Really great story. Read it all in one shot. And if you want to write a sequel i'd definitely read it. Also hopefully she left that book with her friends so she can still communicate with them. If not you should edit the story to incorperate that. Would fix the guilt of leaving her friends with no final message. Or at least Scribe could have sent them a message in email or letter form. Or given them the book maybe.

Nice beginning. I felt bad for Sunset. Interesting how she says she feels like she doesn't belong and deliberately isolates herself from her friends. Gives a real sense of her self-loathing.

That scene with Celestia in the beginning shouldn't have made me laugh as hard as it did.

Yknow, I loved this. You did a great job, the only thing I want now is more on Sunset's story and for the alternate universe Sunset.

Marvelous, simply marvelous. Well done Tealove.

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