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I'm a conservative Christian and a conservative, first and foremost. I write AU, all my main characters are detestable OCs, and I'm a Troper. Braeburn is best pony. T for violence only.

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I'm a conservative Christian, first and foremost.

That's because my religion informs how I think, feel, and act. It's hardly the only aspect of my personality, but it's the most important one. My core memory, if you will.

Announcing that you're a conservative Christian in the wrong corners of the internet is like announcing you're a homosexual on other corners of the internet. You'll get some people who say "Cool, I thought I was the only one," some people who say "well, I'm not, but I support your right to live your life how you feel led," and some people who take it as an excuse to name call you. So when I first joined, I thought I just wouldn't mention it. I like being the subject of a flame war about as much as the next person, so I might as well not take any chances.

Well, that soon didn't feel right. I don't want to be ashamed of my Lord and Savior, who died to free me from eternal damnation. So here we are.

That being said, I don't think Jesus called me to start pointless fights with people, so it probably won't come up much. There's also a pretty huge gap between what I'm willing to read/watch and what I'm willing to do/say/write about myself; for example, I watch videos that spam the f-word, but my own vocabulary is limited to gosh-golly-darn (or Sweet Merciful Celestia, or Tartarus...) even when it looks silly or unrealistic.

So this doesn't have to change how anyone sees me. I hope we can be friends, no matter what you and I believe.
And I hope you enjoy my MLP/Five Nights at Freddy's crossover full of homicide, torture, and racism. ...Yes, I think God's okay with it.


Revisions Completed · 5:25pm Oct 26th, 2018

You really, really don’t want to sleep on the streets out in Canterlot; you’re just begging to get captured and sold to work in mines, or factories, or to be used as a guinea pig by mad scientists. Trust me; I’ve had neighbors and coworkers vanish before, back when I lived in a worse part of town.”
“This is crazy,” the gray pegasus said, shaking his head. “Of course Las Pegasus is like that, but Canterlot…?”

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I just wanted to let you know that I hope to read soon the next chapter of Phoenix Flight...I'm really intrigued by it!

I wish you a really nice day :)

Comment posted by HolyCross9 deleted Feb 21st, 2018
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