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Magic Step

I'm a conservative Christian and a conservative, first and foremost. I write AU, all my main characters are detestable OCs, and I'm a Troper. Braeburn is best pony. T for violence only.

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I'm a conservative Christian, first and foremost.

That's because my religion informs how I think, feel, and act. It's hardly the only aspect of my personality, but it's the most important one. My core memory, if you will.

Announcing that you're a conservative Christian in the wrong corners of the internet is like announcing you're a homosexual on other corners of the internet. You'll get some people who say "Cool, I thought I was the only one," some people who say "well, I'm not, but I support your right to live your life how you feel led," and some people who take it as an excuse to name call you. So when I first joined, I thought I just wouldn't mention it. I like being the subject of a flame war about as much as the next person, so I might as well not take any chances.

Well, that soon didn't feel right. I don't want to be ashamed of my Lord and Savior, who died to free me from eternal damnation. So here we are.

That being said, I don't think Jesus called me to start pointless fights with people, so it probably won't come up much. There's also a pretty huge gap between what I'm willing to read/watch and what I'm willing to do/say/write about myself; for example, I watch videos that spam the f-word, but my own vocabulary is limited to gosh-golly-darn (or Sweet Merciful Celestia, or Tartarus...) even when it looks silly or unrealistic.

So this doesn't have to change how anyone sees me. I hope we can be friends, no matter what you and I believe.
And I hope you enjoy my MLP/Five Nights at Freddy's crossover full of homicide, torture, and racism. ...Yes, I think God's okay with it.


The not-so-spectacular return · 10:50pm Dec 16th, 2019

I don't even know if anyone remembers who I am...

So it's been... over a year since I last published anything online. My most recent stories were not doing very well, neither on the site in general nor with my friends and family or even with myself. Depressed and discouraged, I slowly stopped updating my fimfic stories and focused on real world adulting, including my first full-time job which I enjoyed and for a while seemed like the place I should be getting fulfillment from instead.

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Hello, Magic. How are you feeling.


I just wanted to let you know that I hope to read soon the next chapter of Phoenix Flight...I'm really intrigued by it!

I wish you a really nice day :)

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