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Yo! Ello people! Let's get right to the point. My favorite pony is: Applejack! Favorite Princess: Princess Skyla or Princess Luna f your talking the show -.- and Favorite CMC: Sweetie belle/Scootaloo!


Applejack had said that she wouldn't baby Applebloom no more but when she runs away to a place of bad memories at the worst possible time, Applejack decides she went to far and grounds her. Applebloom, furious with her sister, make a wish that will help her understand more about her strong, dependable, and honest sister, or at least she think she is.

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Okay, let's read.:rainbowdetermined2:

This story has instantly appeared in SIX GROUPS!

I like it. It's interesting. The only problem is the language. There are little mistakes here and there. So make sure to fix it. But it has a nice story line! More please! :pinkiehappy:

5244868 Thank you!!!! :pinkiehappy: and thanks for the tip!

Not bad so far, let's see where this goes.

Nice twist. I can't wait to see how much the world has changed as well. Are the rest of the main six children, or only AppleJack. If only her, then Rainbow Dash is unchallanged in POnyville. Good luck with future chapters.

5245242 Yep just AJ and I don't think RD is going to be to happy about this.

5245334 Yeah. The only pony who could ever match her in strength is in diapers. That means she has no competetion.

5245334 So The rest of girls and AppleBloom, only notice the change. This is going to be funny.

5245459 So True. I wonder how she will act about it... now even I know yet :derpytongue2:

5245527 You caught me :twilightsmile:

5245615 Probably laugh and make fun of her, assuming the alternative reality hasn't made her think that Applejack has always been a baby.

5245627 For all we know, Apple Bloom may be the only one who knows that she's in an alternate reality. Everyone else may think that Applejack has always been the youngest sister of the Apple family.

5245630 The explanation will probably come in the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Omfg!!!!!! Love it:pinkiehappy::heart::heart:

Well, now I know that only the Apple Family thinks Applejack has always been a foal. :eeyup:

The question now is, how much does baby Applejack like fashion? :trixieshiftright:

Well Twilight took this better than I thought. Great job with this chapter. Good luck.

5275931 She almost went insane but Applebloom was able to calm her down by keeping calm. Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Dawwwwww..... Can't wait to next chapter!:heart:

Great job with this chapter. It was a blast to read. I wonder how Pound and Pumpkin will react to AppleJack. Good luck with the next chapter. As for school. I feel yah.

5319261 lol thanks :pinkiehappy: I guess school got us all up this week :fluttershysad:

Applejack didn't seem to mind being dressed up all that badly. I guess she wasn't much of a tomboy as a foal.

5322200 Not really in my opinion she became a tomboy after her trip to manehattan.

5322310 So for right now, if Rarity wanted to play dress up with baby Applejack, Applejack wouldn't mind at all.

5322313 well it depends on what AJ thinks if she keeps tripping on the one she has on now.

Great chapter. I think what it is nice that Applebloom has to deal with AppleJack getting attention. I wonder how much longer she'll last.

Amazing. didn't even have to edit that one

5437656 Thanks! I'm trying!

I’m Applejack, this is my new diary.

Well, this should be interesting.

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