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Writing things :x · 1:58pm Apr 4th, 2016

at least I am doing somethign haha. been trying to get around to continuing cloudburst for a while. I dunno why I get in a big writing mood and I finish a chapter and start on the next one, only to stop, and never get back to it XD

I wish I wasn't so self conscious about my writings. I actually make quite a lot of little one-offs. but I'm so terrified people will hate them I never show them to anyone >.<

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I'm still a budding literary artist and as well as slightly rusty, very nervous about the critical judgement of everyone here. so please be kind T^T and give me helpful pointers wherever possible!

About me

Hey all! my name is Xai, nice to meet you all!
I've been writing random short stories for YEEEEARS, mostly snake hypno stuff. I always assumed i wasnn't any good cus although I wrote a lot, i never read anything, though I did think that the way I wrote made it good (that I write based on how i enjoy it as i'm writing it), but now i think i have become fairly compitent at writing. (and now that i read some things too~)
But still, I make a lot of mistakes when writing. I try to proof read but there will still be mistakes so if anyone can point anything out, that'd be great!
I started writing a large fimfic based on a daydream i liked having a while back about an OC i made up called Cloudburst. once I have a cover picture and proper name I'll start publishing the chapters i have but i don't know if i'll be able to make it periodic.

I'll do more one-off stories as I go, so keep updated.
I do my own art, i have my own website l and a deviantart gallery
if you want to contact me, I am almost always online on the chat page on my site.
so yeah if you have any suggestions or comments about my stories or artwork, feel free to post a comment here or drop in the chat on my site.

That is all~ :pinkiesmile:

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Yay~ that'd be very helpful. i'll pm you

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