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That was fantastic!

Celestia and Twilight having loving and yet rediculously kinky sex that they both enjoy immensely is best, and something that isnt done enough.

The description of the sensations and smells were wonderful throughout.

And of course, suckfics are bestfics.

Thank you so much for writing this :trollestia:

Featured at ten upvotes? What is this sorcery?

Definitely needs a follow-up where Celestia turns Twilight into a cumdump (maybe even turning her into a breeding mare).

Featured is pretty much based on views, not votes.

So when exactly will Luna want to form a 'bond of trust' with Twilight?

I read the title as “Deep Thrust”

Luna and Tia sharing her would make it just. Mmm. Goot. Very goot.

This is set before NMM, so if I get the chance to commission an episodic sequal, one of the episodes will be twilight trying to make Luna feel loved and welcome in equestria when she was shutting herself away between episode 1 and Luna Eclipsed.

This would of course be best done by twilight satisfying both endowed sisters in a crazy threesome.

That might've been intentional. :trollestia:

Deep trust, deep thrust, deep throat. So easy to confuse and go from one thing to another accidentally, you know. :rainbowwild:

well it's kinda embarassing but can we get a second chapter?

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