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Oh? You're approaching my userpage? Instead of reading away, you're reading closer to me?

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Pretty good for your first time.

Sexnificent smut,
sexelent job my man.

I hornily await the next chapter :moustache:


So HOT!!! I like it :heart:

I do have an idea, threesome between you, Twilight and Celly!

I'd been here before, so I remembered the guy from last time, even though he was behind the counter.

You lost the 2nd person there.

Anon conspiring to commit serial-bondage as revenge for her transgressions?

Whoops, thanks for spotting that.

Three words: Fun with portals.

Fucking loved that

Roleplay! The conquering human takes advantage of his captured pony princess.

Portals + 3some with Twilight = heck yea my dude:trollestia::pinkiecrazy:

How about they play the game hide and go anal in the castle hedge maze?

I'm actually interested to know, what is Luna opinion on all this. Does she knows about Celestia and the human relationship? Is she ok with it? Is she jealous? Does she wish to have a consort of her own? Does she want Celestia consort in particular?

Maybe she is kind of mysterious and like romantic drama stories, so she wish a their relationship with the human, but one that is secretly, and "forbidden" for her, like a soap opera novel.

Kind of like a revenge from the thousand years deal that she suffer, or something like that.

This must become a chapter!

I want him to make a herd starting with adding Twilight with him and Tia.

*smacks libs*

What is the hot symbol again, and how do you get it?

9833080 its a little fire symbol that pops up on the top left of stories that are popular at the time. If you're on mobile you can look in the sidebar where it says 'popular now' to view stories that currently have it.

That was a awesome chapter.

Eh, I didn't really care for this one, the whole bondage thing never had interest in that stuff. That's just me though :derpytongue2:
Did like the end bit though, that was cute:pinkiehappy:


Here cums the sun


I'm enjoying this so far

Hope we get an update sooner or later :rainbowwild:

And the award for best opening paragraph in a Clopfic goes to.......Cereal-killer (the crowd applauds loudly)

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