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n1god #1 · April 19th · · 3 ·

+10 prro y directo al paraíso.

Already hooked at just the mention of Windy and RD.

That description is enough for me :rainbowlaugh: imma read it at a later date but you get my like though the description got me thinking a lot

Good work again boss.

does this story give you a semi Shakes :trollestia:

please make a sqeal to this please.

You've used "vile" multiple times when I am 100% sure you meant 'virile'

I know what I meant. Everything is right. :pinkiecrazy:

God, I fucking love Velvet and Windy. The best MILFs (not that any of them are bad).

“Rainbow! This is not the time for your little quips.” Windy Whistles wasn’t at all intent on relenting her attack. “We need to make sure that you two understand fully what it means to be in a committed relationship. You might think that you understand now, just like I did when I was your age, but eventually it’ll catch up to you, and you’ll see that the advice your elders gave you was based on decades of painful experience. Experience you don’t yet have, lovebirds.” The mare stepped a little bit closer, threatening to impose herself into her daughter’s personal space.

...you waited till their honeymoon to have this conversation?:rainbowhuh:

corrige tu ortografía

No tengo que hacerlo, si no reconoces que de hecho esta correctamente bien escrito. Claro en nuestra forma de expresarnos de forma "Incorrecta" en internet, ya que es normal que veas que hispanohablantes, escriban mal a propósito para confundir a los que no hablan o leen el español. bienvenido a 2020.

¿Qué pasa si no me gusta 2020? Ha sido muy malo conmigo.

Eso ya no es mi problema y no es algo que me importe. Solo te doy a conocer lo que es y del porque yo escribí de esa forma. Si te carga la chingada en este año, ami no me importa, mucho menos a quienes leen esto, y quien lo haga solo lo lee por morbo, No me cuentes tu vida.

Solo estaba bromeando. ¿Por qué estás ofendido?

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