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Gaze within the Holocron, and see what stories it has to tell. For every fable is but a thread in the weave of tales.

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Sees who commissioned this story. Already know where this is going.



Leaving the room, Twilight swaggered her way down the school halls. Her lips were curled into a sinister and playful expression. Though her clothes just barely managed to contain it, her cock was craving even more sluts to breed. Barb was good, but she just couldn’t last long for Twilight’s needs. It was a good snack, but the futa craved more than junk food. She demanded a feast of the most beautiful and seductive flesh. Then, an idea crossed her mind.

Sheesh, harsh and bias much!?

And I can highly bet on who's Twilight's top favorite is, despite having a Dragoness; :duck:

“Oh my dear, precious whores.” Twilight smirked, licking her lips as her cock swelled and throbbed harder and harder. “We’ve only just begun.”

Sadly, this is the end of this story.

nice work

I...think you have the wrong Derpibooru code.

I tried it, and it was alicorn nonanthro Twilight with massive boobs and ass.

what's name of artist of this pic ?

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