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You should really put incest as one of the fetishes.

and now she preggers

Just added, thank you

Limestone ran and reran what she say earlier.


Nut regrettably, Igneous was a tougher stallion to break than Limestone thought.

I can't decide if this pun was deliberate or not.

The description is a bit off. She's not the first born but she is the oldest? Just a little thing but it bothers me.

Thank you for that, when I first started this, I thought Maud was the oldest. But when I looked into it, the order was Limestone, Maud, Pinkie, Marble. So i guess I forget to change the description, well it's corrected now.

Your welcome, good read aside from that.

if you do write a sequel I cannot wait this is the awesome story

Up to the requester, or anyone else really.

Seemed a bit sudden the switch from being disgusted to "oh yeah I love the D".

Firstly. I never expected one of the Story Approvers to notice, let alone comment on any of my stories. :pinkiegasp: So thank you. :twilightsmile:


As Igneous fully left the room, he failed to notice the look on Limestone's face. It was smile, but not just any smile. Limestone's face held a victorious smile. She had won.Weakly moving her hands over her body, Limestone ran her hands over her cum filled bulge. Just gently pushing it caused Limestone to not only experience a mini orgasm, but also squirt some cum out of her body. Limestone knew she had succeeded at her goal, but the price for her plan had now marked her. The figuratively ocean of cum swelling and churning in her belly as well as her gaping and sensitive pussy made her rethink how good cock feels. Disgusted at first, Limestone lay in the bed with a satisfying afterglow. Now that she had the farm, maybe she would consider doing this again with her father.

Basically she was disgusted but had grown to enjoy it, because the sexual pleasure stimulating her brain was more than she assumed it would be and it took her off guard. As well as my mention of her victorious smile; this was to imply more her "I love the D" dialogue during the sex was an act, or at least an exaggeration, to drive her father more and more towards her. Yes, she did enjoy the sex, and yes, she may do it again. But she didn't fully break and is not enslaved to her father's body. The mention of her being "marked" was more, she has never experienced anything this intense and despite holding out long enough to achieve her goal, she has still been afflicted in a way she can neither forget, nor reverse.

So I do understand if the transition between Limestone's "disgust" to "love" of the affair she had with her father seems rough or rushed and I do thank you for pointing it out. It will only allow me to know how to improve in my future work. So once again, thank you. :twilightsmile:


Some nudity, a bnlowjob, a titfuck, and he's putty in my hands.


as well as the felling of both his hands on the back of her head.

Try 'sensation'.

"Than you'll love this." Igneous chuckled,


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