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Claws And Hooves

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Spike is learning so much about him self

I am extremely confused right now. On one hand, I like the story. On the other hand, I can not believe that Spike can become a woman. Don't get me wrong its still a great story. It's just a lot to process is all.

Here's the plot hole in all this. Friendship is Magic doesn't use D&D's dragon system. Stupid though that is, since Hasbro owns both.

Oh I'm not going to use the DnD system in this, I'm just taking some elements from it and in some cases changing them to be better able to fit in MLP

How do you think he must feel then right about now?

Oh god yes, this is going to be so much fun to read, and spike being a herm just makes it even better! thank you.

You know it doesn't because it just makes it worse. Especially since it goes against the continuity of the stories. It was specifically stated that only males could be royal dragons. So the writer kind of messed up on that.

Not really, I actually kind of hinted at that this was the case and there more details in later chapters explaining both why and how no one realize this until now

I still don't like it. The series was perfectly fine without going that route but no you had to go that route. So sorry but I gotta disagree. I've seen enough bulshit like this to know that I'm not going to like it it gets rather exhausting after a while.

Well if it makes you feel better the drakon thing isn't going to play major role in this one. It is mostly a set up future ones, kind of like a few other things that are going to happen in this

That's kind of my point. The stories are going to be really weird for me to read especially since I don't really like futa or other weird Kinks like that.

This is would get bit weird without that anyway, I'm going to pushing the limits of what counts as anthro with the different body types of these dragons. Especially when we get to Demodragon

Probably the same as the rest of us. Confused, scared, and doesn't know if he can handle it. I know I couldn't, and this is coming from a guy who uses Argonians as his main characters in all of his fanfiction.

And just wait till he learns more about his people

nice chapter.

Spike slowly looked down only to find this shirt was gone, rip apart by the force of Spike growing three D-cup breasts each having a large dark purple nipple.


Yes three, dragons are basely magical aliens so I have done things to show that. Also I did say this was the in Chaotic Love Making

Oh...ok....yep, two dicks and three tits.

...Iā€™m not jealous...

Ohhhh yes this is fantastic. Teasing learning bout their quirks everything is amazing. Keep it up mate.

"I love pretty pink mares, they make me feel so good. I love tri color hair, it makes me feel so bad." Ember was humming to herself.

Doesn't quite scan. :rainbowhuh:

Its a reference to a quest in the app game which was base on an arch from the IDW comics

Was the entire bottom part supposed to be in a bold large print?

Leviathans are from a LOT more than the bible.
There's Greek, Roman, Norse, Gaelic/Celtic, and MANY more.

No it wasn't and thank you for pointing that out. I have fix it now.

The name leviathan comes from the bible, those other cultures did have other creatures a lot like leviathan if not completely like them but they were not name leviathan.

WELP SPIKE IS GONA GO HAM. god these stories are fucking amazing. keep it up

Oh boy, thats going to make ALLOT of babies~
*Insert me gusta meme here*


Do or do not, there is not try.

This chapter was kinda wierd to me, but still funny.
Meanwhile Torch is busy giving Ember and Tiamat a few more siblings, while causing a few earthquakes.
incest is wincest, wouldnt mind more details.

I'm not sure if I should envy Spike's life, or pity it. Either way, I love this series.

Isnt torch embers dad?

OH GOD YES, THIS IS AMAZING MORE, no preassure but god this i enjoyable as hell.

Yes, but he isn't sleeping with her or Tiamat. He just making more siblings for them somewhere else in the dragons lands

Ahh delicious, so so delicious. and so so good also. it's so so good that dnd is refrences, so so do more, but do remember. always take breaks from writing before ya hit a writers block. nice job anyway

DOH i read that wrong.

I had to stop several times, because i was laughing.

Don't worry, I do have a few more chs that will be coming out soon

Oh god a sadomasochist, god that was fun to read, wonder what else you have instore for for us. also read the first few paragraphs, there is a spelling mistake their

Nice job combining a Force dragon and Prismatic dragon. The latter always scared me in 3.5 seriously prismatic spray as a breath weapon, nasty.

If you think that bad than you should see the time dragon, its the third epic dragon. Now that is a beast, in fact too much of one for me to even try to combine here and still have it make some kind of sense with MLP

I did not know of time dragons I'll have to look that up know at least its not something from the Immortals handbook like the Neutronium Golem

No, it is an official DnD monster. It came from one of Wizards Inc. old DnD magazines, or was it one of their website exclusive ones? I forget, they did a lot of both during the 3ed run. Anyway time dragons are easily the toughest official monster in the 3ed

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