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Claws And Hooves


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That reminds me you should do a story where during the Mane 6's trip at Hope Hollow, Spike decides to commence his harem operation.

Comment posted by titanhades70 deleted Jul 1st, 2019

Some sloppy grammar, was a bit tough to follow at times. Also, why list it as RGRE? I didn’t see anything that was reversed. Not even a sex position :P

Seriously though, imma be pissed if you tagged it falsely.

Did you not notice the change in the wedding vows?

... Spike's a hundred years old?

See the note at the top for why

I did. I was bringing up how strange it is that he's an even hundred.

Or, rather, I was TRYING to.

Still I think it's a good idea that we know the ages of the characters in this series of yours. For example is Spike 18? 118? Somewhere around there? I'm just saying you should add some context to this like in a blog or on an author's note on the latest chapter. Not trying to be rude here, just feel you should clear this up a little.

I literally said his age in this very chapter while also stating in a author note the he is still younger then the mane 6, and the first fic in this series takes place about a week after his coming of age birthday

You know what this show needs? Some,

:pinkiecrazy: High Impact Sexual Cuddling!!! :pinkiecrazy:

"Do you think they will let us burrow him?" Princess Skystar ask

"I think we can arrange that." Celestia said with a smile.

Stupid Horny Hippogriffs. :trollestia:

The pathway of the story is decent but there seems to be instances where words are either missing in a sentence or the wrong type of word has been used instead. 7.7/10

Ther better be some payback with Novo having such feminist views just like Cloudy Quartz and Celestia in prevous installments--boys are not there to be your living onDemand sex toys...:twilightangry2:

I love a good RariJack once in a while. So says this chapter title. :ajsmug: :raritywink:

So are Celestia and Luna going to get a private Honeymoon?

From what I read at the beginning of the chapter, Spike also impregnated Celestia and Luna. So does that mean a wedding?

Aw, that's too bad. :(
But will Ember and possibly Novo or Skystar get a chance?

Not in this one at least, but I do have plans for the squeals

Cool. But now that all of Spike's wives have been filled, what's next?

There is one last ch in this one and you will just have to wait and see for it, as well the squeals. In the mean time this is itself the fifth in the series

So, can we expect another book in this series?

Yikes, it's been five stories and you can't let every mare's drake hubby settle down already? :duck:

Now where would be the fun in that? Besides he still has one alicorn left to knock up, and then there poor Eris

Novo wants to be the first, so does Ember, there's also the Kirin, griffins too.

Even evil girls will bend thy knee, raise thy butt, and bow thy head to the King of Ultra Breed.

The 'Bend thy knee, raise thy butt, and bow thy head to the King of Ultra Breed' line?

You know that there's a special girl Spike took a liking to as of lately.

You do realize that Spike has already bred the Kirin right?

Yes, but I start this before that and I'm not really sure how to bring that in yet

I'm...a bit confused. So because Spike is an Equestria-raised dragon, he and Ember can't have kids??? That's saddening and a bit cruel if one thinks about it--Ember wants Spike to fill her with hatchlings being a fellow dragon and all...

Also, is she a futanari or something, cause she seemed more like Queen Chrysalis...

No they can have kids but the magic that makes it so all offspring between a royal dragon and a non-dragon are bot hybrids won't work between a royal dragon and a normal dragon. Remember in the first fic of the series I stated the reason why Spike was the last of his kind is because they interbred with normal dragons. And no she is a futanari per say, I stated in the fic before this one that all dragonesses have ovipositors while not all female changelings (mares?) do

Ok, so in layman terms any hatchlings between Spike and Ember are just regular baby dragons--didn't care if Spike a Royal dragon, ultimately he is still a dragon so nature comes in play. Species come in play when any other partner is a non-dragon, gotcha.

What the heck is an ovipositor, anyway??

EDIT: I get that if Spike kids are female, they are gonna be the same species of the mom and if the kid is male he's gonna be a dragon like his daddy but is the chance of either still random? And could there be any potential female Royal Dragons on the way?

Think of the offspring of a royal-dragon and a normal dragon as more of a mutt. Remember before the royal dragons interbred with normal dragons all normal dragons had horns. Also rounded features, spade tails, and plantigrade legs were features only found in royal dragons before the interbreeding.

The simplest way to describe it would be to call it a penis that lays eggs. Ever wonder why it is the male sea horse that gives birth? It is because the female has one of these and uses it to lay eggs in his brood pouch

The chances of his children being born male or female is the same chances as they are within the mother species. And just to make it clear that isn't necessarily 50/50, in the show the ponies seem to have a sex ratio of one stallion for every five males. As for females of his breed the answer is no, at least not pure bred that is.

The royals of Gaia are all a bunch of sick degenerate perverts for pulling bullshit like this. If Spike and the mane six were getting paid for it, then it's okay. But, these royals are getting a free show because they want to be sure about them "creating heirs"? Umm...ever heard of adoption, that's a thing isn't, in case they couldn't. I know this is all fan fiction, but it's still bullshit. Ya sick bastards.

You know this is base on something that really use to happen in the real world right? It use to be very common for royals all over the world to sleep together in front of their courts , and any visiting diplomats. In fact they would do it all the time instead of just on their wedding night

Maybe so. That doesn't mean that it isn't disturbing, or perverse.

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