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Im a brony & spike is best

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now this is some thing new.

Kind of late for a Christmas story, but we're still technically in winter season, so no harm & also....

Rainbow suddenly stopped with a confused look, "Huh, feel like we're forgoting something", that confused her boyfriend.

They forgot the condom and birth pill, I just know it! :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I do like your crossover ideas Spike M, especially the Last of Us. I hope once you're done with all your current projects, you should start working on that idea, I would love to see Emily & Spike romance. :twilightsmile:

Nice chapter!

The realization is going to frighten them, but maybe they’ll like it and will be excited for what awaits them both.

Windy not Wendy.

Well the truth has been revealed.... let's just hope dad doesn't find out

so...… how long till dad hears he is gonna be a grandpa?

It's return of the smirks

"You got this Rainbow-AAHHHHHH FUCK", he yelled, his girlfriend grabbed ahold of his junk squeezing.

Poor Spike, he almost had to say goodbye to sex forever, luckily that wasn't the case & the baby was safely welcomed to the world

yikes. spike really dodge a cannon sized bullet there with dash.

Question: If biting creates a mark, would that mean becoming one's personal property?

Suddenly Sunset snickered, "I bet when you were sucking it, you probably had a note pad and pencil near by taking notes of how it tastes and what not".

I bet anyone five bucks that that's exactly what Twilight did when she was giving her boyfriend a BJ :rainbowlaugh:

I know its a little late but any bets on who will get pregnant next?:ajsmug:

……………………. wow. talk about a huge time skip. why that big????

Great chapter.

How about Spike and Scootaloo in love.

How about a different harem for Spike?

I jumped with joy, when I saw some of the names I suggested for the Humane 7's kids got to be used for the final chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Now as for this question...

Who should be next from the Main 6 or CMC that Spike falls in love with, gets married and has a family.

I was thinking Fluttershy. I think it's time, she gets some solo time with Spike.

How else would Flurry get the chance to make love to Pound, in order to end the story with a bang & laughs?

………………. I can accept that.
shut up lemon head. no one likes you any way.

yeah. I like to put random guys in chat here. my most fav is Deadpool.

who doesn't love me. heck even I love me.
keep quit you. and that jest sounded wired.
no its not.

yeah. I do a lot of them at times.

*sees Flurry amd Pound on the bed* Well, that’s awkward *plays the Seinfeld theme song* :rainbowlaugh:

i want to see rarity and spike next great story

I really want to see you do a story with Spike and Rarity.

I would have liked to see an alternate ending where Spike and Rainbow Dash don't have a baby

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