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What if a griffin and a dragon became life-mates?

Added this to my Best Clopfic file. In all honesty, despite it being weird having a sonXmum ship, this was actually an entertaining read. I liked it? :twilightblush:

Was alright. Your wording is a little strange (especially the dialogue) and there were definitely a few small grammar errors I saw.

That fuckin description though.
It doesn't really speak to the rest of the fic being quality if the description gives me a headache.

I feel you need to add fetish of course i’m not a fan of this stuff just a recommendation

Button Mash, a former colt that only seemed to love gaming had grown into a find young stallion.

fine young stallion.

“So am I.” Button smiled, leaning forward to give Creamy’s tremble mouth another open and deep tongue kiss. “But we’re not done yet.” He slid himself a little, letting his mother’s super sensitive inner wall feel he was still hard. “Get me all clean and lets fuck some more.” He leaned in to whisper in her ear, his hot breath making her quiver in delight. “I want to fuck your cum soaked insides and make sure you’re pregnant.”

This actually does the opposite. Cum doesn't stay in one place, especially if you keep causing friction in there.

Also; she forgetting about the fact that she'll have a child with genetic problems? Sorry if it ruins it, but the impregnation just outright ruins it for me.

If we want to be scientific about it, incest only causes problems the second time around. The first round of incest only makes it very likely the next time an incestual impregnation occurs. This'll definitely be a problem if they impregnate their daughter or have their son impregnate the mom again, but any child that Button has with his mother should be fine. (I don't know if I want to Google this to make sure though...)

wonders what that has to do with this fic.

Genetic issues only really occur over multiple generations of inbreeding without bringing in new genetics. One or even two subsequent generations only have a small increase in abnormalities.Its after that you start having issues. With button and his mom there is still some genetic data he has that she dosent, that he got from his dads side. So while yes percentages increase, a Singel generations worth is negligible.

Also magic + confusing pony genetics. I don't know if that's as much of a problem.
Also porn. They're putting way too much thought into kinky porn.

Lol of course you'd bring that up.

Honestly I was wondering if it would be you or Shakespearicles first

“You’re such a slut, mum.” Button laughed, holding Creamy close as he kept up his motions, driving his cock in and out, deeper and deeper until he could feel himself fucking the mare’s womb. “I can feel your womb tightening. You want you son’s cum that badly.”


Also, yes...yes she does:ajsmug:.


*shrug* Just ruins it for me. And last I recalled a mother-son, vice-versa, or between brother and sister has a 1/4th chance in acquiring the below.

  • Reduced fertility both in litter size and sperm viability
  • Increased genetic disorders
  • Fluctuating facial asymmetry (means child looks ugly af, which always come to mind for me)
  • Lower birth rate
  • Higher infant mortality and child mortality
  • Smaller adult size
  • Loss of immune system function
  • Increased cardiovascular risks

So while a small chance indeed, it is still not something you'd wanna have, and it is a decent chance to acquire one of them.

Also, it is 1st generation that it shows. Not 2nd, but it does have the potential of higher chance.

9295799 *facepalm* Yeah, I was thinking too much about it. I forgot the title of the show...

But still, it just doesn't work for me, the whole impregnation thing. Then again, that's probably a daily thing on this site for all I know, and I'm criticizing something that happens daily. I've only been here for a week or so after all.

What, were you expecting to find videos from pornhub on incest? ...That'd actually be a big ol' laugh now that I think about it. Pornhub videos teaching you about the problems of incest, as mother and son fuck.

“Here’s a fun thought.” Button chuckled, slowly pushing himself into his mother. Every slow moving inch only made her body want it more and more. “If it’s a filly, she can grow into a fine mare and we can help her with her own foal.” She cooed at both the thought and feeling of watching her own daughter being fucked by Button. “Or maybe a colt growing into a hung stallion like me. Can you imagine how taking two of these at once would feel like?”

Good god Button, are you trying to make Creamy a sex-crazed beast:rainbowlaugh:?!

That implies she isn't already:rainbowwild:

9294570 What he said, borrwoing a bit heavy from the Japs, dialogue-wise.

Here's something to help you out. Equines have about twice as many genes as humans, and it's fairly common to see inbreeding in herds. It's less of a problem for them.

Hee-hee. I'm so glad that I've finally found a good incest story with full impregnation:rainbowwild:

Nah, "you're" was correct in that situation. Without the contraction, it should read as "you are such a slut," so using the possessive "your" would be wholly incorrect

9296001 I heard my name.

If we want to be scientific about it...

Seriously though, are we going to have this discussion every time there's a new incest fic? Even I'm tired of it. And that's saying something.

I was saving this fic for an evening when I could... read it properly.
I made it all the way to the 16th. But you win.
Today, this was the fic that ended my no-fap November.
You have earned this.

Oh, right...sorry, my mistake. Must've looked at I wrong:twilightblush:.

I am glad to have done so much over such a simple concept. Was it the details, the characters, I am so amazed how well received this story was. As well the the remarkable debate in the comments. :rainbowlaugh:

9297645 I knew I'd see you here. And while I never thought about it, it's not surprising something like this would make you break No-fap November.


You absolute savior. I've never had this and I never knew I needed it.

Aurora absorbs the gif.

Can I have source of the image? please?

9297807 The characters' pairing and the obviously implied concept was what got me to click on it. The effects of no-fap November helped me enjoy it on my first reading.

On a second pass with a clear head...

... what I see here is potential.

The biggest turn-off (in my opinion) would be the hentai dialogue. Also, for this particular fetish I find that one of the big components is the transition from the normal relationship into a taboo one. It's like the literary equivalent of foreplay. One could write most of the story around this part of the relationship, that building tension that finally gives way to a satisfying climax. But here, we get the entire transition within a single paragraph. Nay, a single sentence within it.

She grabbed her son and rode his cock there in the doorway. Letting him release his thick load inside her.

Granted, I understand that this part of their lives wasn't the focus of this story, and I applaud your understanding of your story's scope. But eschewing the backstory in this way and skipping right to 'the good part' is what will relegate this to the porn category for me, rather than erotic literature.

There is a proper story to be had here. But a story needs conflict. Conflict is what drives the narrative. Without conflict, there's no narrative arc, and no story. It's just two people having sex. Perhaps if she wanted foals, but he wasn't ready to be a father, and he needs some 'convincing'. Perhaps there is some threat of being caught. Some internal conflict in Cream about their relationship. Something to create a bit of drama.

That said, it was written well, (sans the porn dialogue). The descriptive details were very well done. It just feels like I went to a buffet and skipped right to the dessert table. Delicious dessert, mind you!
But I find myself craving an actual meal. This needs a proper prequel to fill in their backstory....

“If it’s a filly, she can grow into a fine mare and we can help her with her own foal.” She cooed at both the thought and feeling of watching her own daughter being fucked by Button. “Or maybe a colt growing into a hung stallion like me. Can you imagine how taking two of these at once would feel like?”

... and a sequel, you goddamn tease!

It would be a better fic if the dialogue and writing didn't remind me of a bad hentai. It isn't even so-bad-it's-good, it's just... cringeworthy, and completely ruins the mood. It's a decent idea, sure, but it could be done so much better!

I'm never not going to correct bad science when I see it. Literally the only way to get me to not post that is if everyone learns the correct information first. Anti-science nonsense is too prevalent in topics that are heavily researched without adding in such a taboo and relatively weird topic.

Sure you could just Deus ex Machina and say "magic makes everything perfect", but that's not fun all the time.

9300563 Oh, I don't mean the 'correction of bad science' part of the discussion. I mean the "Hur dur! Berf defex! Inzest iz bad m'kay!" comments that show up on every one of these fictional works of fictional incest with fictional characters.

It's the current year, people!

We know.
We know what actual bad things are actually bad to actually do. Virtue Signalling like this on fictional stories is just a cry for attention.
"Ooh, look how smart and righteous I am! I'm saying that the bad thing is bad and if you disagree then YOU are bad! Huzzah! Flawless logic!"

The thing that irritates me about it, isn't that it's kink-shaming (and it is) people who find something like incestuous impregnation arousing.
The thing that irritates me is that it talks down to the readers as though they just don't know any better. Like the commentator will come in and reveal this great truth, and then all the readers will just suddenly wake up like,
"Well gee golly, I sure was having a nice time until I found out it was not okay to like this thing. Thank you, commentator. Thank you for showing us how stupid we were for liking this thing."

Sure, you can spout off a bunch of facts and statistics about inbreeding to prove your point.

But just because you're correct, does not mean that you're right.

Always loved stories involving these two, messed up as I am. Great job.

would love a 3 ch where there kid gets invloved

Last sentence man,
You want you son's
Needs a possessive your.

Also true, but not the instance that that other fellow was addressing

I was expecting more chapters in the future but a good read non the less.

This is a commission for Twilight is the Best

Do you have a commission-status page somewhere? I notice that you're not on RBDash47's list of commission writers.

I have a “folder” or bookshelf, or whatever it’s called with all my Commissions. But If you’re asking for a separate thing with the progress of each commission. No. Because I don’t really do Commission requests anymore due to much larger projects. When the projects are done, I may consider it.
And I wasn’t aware RBDash47 had a list of Commission Writers.

Eye Washer For Sale! Eye Washer For Sale!

This is an amazing liquid that would clean your eyes after seeing something very dirty or disturbing!

One like for one bottle!

Notice: One bottle is for both of your eyes

Have tried making an anthro clop fic between big mac and pear butter?

I have not. But it may be worth doing

Pls do their aren't any proper ones out there😓

I'm hoping to god your a geneticist... Otherwise... Why do you know that...

Actually I study cultural taboos and why they are taboos as a hobby. I find it fascinating.

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