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That was an interesting idea indeed! Loved the references.

I was happy to help him out. We were discussing another story featuring button mash, and this idea came into mind. I am pleased with how it turned out.

Mhm, quite unsusal indeed. Refernces, i mean like gamer luna or sweetie/silver.

And..i kinda can relate to Button here

More to come as its marked as incomplete?

Yes, a second chapter.

and maybe something else. You'll have to wait and see

Comment posted by PuzzleMaster98 deleted February 15th

Hooves-art is the one of the god-tier MLP sex/porn artists that I ever seen. :twilightblush:

Lovewhat the guy does. I wanted to try something with cadance, but I wasn't sure what to pull yet.

Ugh, what is it with the hyper breasts that are bigger then their actual torso?

It makes a bit more sense cause she's a a changeling, a creature who feeds on love.

Otherwise, cause we can. And its hot.

If you don't like it, don't read

Hehe, lucky guy. Happy it ended good for everyone. Loved the Humor too.

Although, fim's on the fritz, did not show up in the Updates, just in the feed

This was a blast and it looks like a certain queen is starting to unknowingly fall for Button.

That was amazing

Is SlitheringScales Spike?

This was a beyond beautiful and sweet ending, i hope there will be a sequel where 1 he gets a herd 2, we get to know who is Zephyr Breeze child I hope it's Ocellus.

1. Maybe.

2. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I'm glad you loved the ending

If only hooves-art would do an art of OC Courageous Heart and Alicorn Twilight sparkle pairing. They make the perfect match!

Judging by the hints and the A/N at the end, Luna will be joining in soon... Will that be a seperate story, or in this one?

the ending is sweet and sweet and good, but technically Button Mash is lying. For despite Chrysalis doing community service, she never rekindled her relationship with her old children.

It's only been a month. It takes time to do that, especially with her.

so after "time" she will no longer need them because she will already have a bunch of new children who have not yet turned away from her.

MMM, yes and no.

She wants her whole family, not just the family she's having with Button

Jesus christ that description is atrociously long.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was nice. Both the story and the ending. Also bonus for a rare pairing.

it's funny that the "author's assistant" rejoices and is more active than the "author of the story" himself

I really liked writing this story

As someone that's not into hyper proportions, anthro, or pregnancy/eggs I didn't think I was gonna like this, but I'm big into all things Changeling so had to give this a look. Definitely a pair up I haven't seen before, this was better than I expected. Surprisingly wholesome in a weirdly horny way.

Dang that was a good story! Will there be more stories involving Chrysalis and Button? Maybe.. with button ending up with a harem?

God this was one of the best story on this site for a long time

”Lunar Gale says, “Thank you for your kind words.”

Why do I get the feeling the bug queen will not be the only one he gets to be his mare friend.

Wait so there is going to be a sequel to this perhaps?

Yes. And oh boy button mom might want to get some extra clothing for her future grandchildren.

Wait does that make her other children the ones before her grandchildren too.

So thorax has a grandmother now. Oh boy that is going to be very awkward situation.

And if Ocellus is the result of the zephyr then that would explain her caring nature a lot. And some other things too.

Yes it is for thorax. And he'll like it.

As for zephyr's child???


I though he would not like it. I though his brother would like it since he seems to be more of that type.

“Before today, if I’d found you, I would have had you exposed to the Elements and turned to stone,” Celestia continued. “But now, I think I will give you a chance. A chance to redeem yourself,” She said as she looked at her fellow princesses, with Luna looking a bit upset, as did Cadance and Twilight.

Hmm. Why do I feel like cadence and twilight was also apart of following button mash online.

And guessing twilight punishment is going to be becoming button wife also?

And oh boy that is going to be a long conversation with Fluttershy mother.

But are you working on the sequel now Perhaps?

It's in the works. I unfortunately am in a location where the internet is bad enough where I can't write with sonic until june

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