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Feels like this is an anthro fic, if so it needs to be tagged as such. Also, a few minor grammatical and spelling problems, but not many.

Glad to see it's incomplete. This is really good.

Punctuation seems to be the only thing your having issues with. Other than that, great read altogether.

This was better than the first and I can't wait to see the next one to have Maud in it.

I think you mixed up Maud and Marble a couple times at the end, there.

Fixed. Sorry, I usually write these after I've had a few XD

It's fine. Silly mistakes happen, sometimes.

i see impregnation in the description so there im half expecting a sequal that has pinkie raising the kid

I have a thought about Diamond Tiara's cutie-mark.

I Like this story. i'm very curios for Pinkie PiƩ Family situation.

i normally don't ask this for clop stories (mostly because they are one shots) but whens the next chapter?

Got one final chapter to go with this which is 3rd on my list. I should be putting out a new one this afternoon so maybe in a week or two!

alright you still gonna do the follow up story with the kid that does come from this

No guarantees on that but maybe

it would be one of the few follow up to clop stories that result in kids because most of the time its hey your pregnate then thats it

It would be great to have a chapter from luna's perspective on what pinkie is dreaming of, or just have luna playing with pinkie in the dream dimension

So no Cloudy Quartz to top off the futa fun?
Please think about it, because she barely gets any love.

I don't get why the helpful critics are getting downvoted their right. I can sorta see it if i go back and reread, but yes it is a hot story.

Weeeell... technically... diamonds are a 42 on Mohs Hardness Scale.

This was a awesome start.

This was a awesome end hope there's a sequel.

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